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The Only Way Is FLY-UP For Kep1er’s 1st Japanese Single

The Only Way Is FLY-UP For Kep1er’s 1st Japanese Single

Kep1ians! Our girls Kep1er have released their first Japanese single, ‘Wing Wing.’ From ‘WA DA DA’ to ‘UP,’ Kep1er has given us nothing but bops, so it’s no surprise that the tracks on FLY-UP follow that trend. Plus, two of the nine Kep1er members are Japanese, so we’re so happy to see them releasing music and doing promo in Japan! 

From their Korean debut to their Japanese debut now, Kep1er just keeps flying to higher and higher heights! They’ve achieved so many great things in such a short time! Kep1er has produced so many great recorded performances, as well as starting to spread their wings (get it?) internationally. So with performances at HallyUPopFest in London and Sydney and KCON in LA already under their belt, what’s to stop Kep1er from taking over the globe?

Kep1er have already won the K-Global Super Rookie Award at the K-Global Heart Dream Awards, and we can definitely see these girls cleaning up the rookie trophies at the end-of-year awards shows coming up…

‘Wing Wing’

Just earlier this year, Kep1er debuted, and the fans already have a name (Kep1ians), and they’re already spoiling us rotten! They actually pre-released ‘Wing Wing’ on August 2nd, and we haven’t stopped listening to it ever since.

The aesthetic of this music video is extra dreamy! The pink and green color palette is giving us candy vibes, and the set design is borderline fantastical. The concept for ‘Wing Wing’ is fun, bright, and energetic, and these girls deliver.

FLY-UP B-sides

The second song on FLY-UP is ‘Daisy,’ and in case you were wondering with a title like that: yes, it is the perfect summer soundtrack. ‘Daisy’ is as fun as ‘Wing Wing,’ and we love the bright positivity that Kep1er always bring to their music. Pretty impressive that this is their rookie year, and they already have a staple sound, right?

When we said that Kep1er are generous queens, we meant it! Even though this is technically a single, the girls gifted us with not one, but four new tracks! We got Japanese versions of the hit ‘UP’ and their truly iconic debut single ‘WA DA DA!’ We still can’t stop listening to these songs, and having whole new versions of them is not gonna help us recover any time soon!

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Kep1ians have been spoiled this era already! What are your thoughts on Kep1er’s FLY-UP? Do you have a favorite track? Let us know in the comments down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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