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Kep1er Has Made The Best First Impact

Kep1er Has Made The Best First Impact

To kick off the new year, and also K-Pop 2022 releases, we were gifted with Kep1er’s, debut mini-album, First Impact!

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After its initial release date was postponed, it seemed like Kep1ian (congratulations on the name btw), became restless, having to wait for their debut. Which we get it, we were also waiting in anticipation. And now we finally have the debut of, Kep1er!

Gif Source: Tenor

First Impact contains six tracks, ‘See The Light,’ title track ‘WA DA DA,’ ‘MVSK,’ and the Kep1er Versions of ‘Shine,’ ‘Another Dream,’ and ‘O.O.O (Over&Over&Over).’ Were we surprised that we ended up falling in love with First Impact? Not in the slightest, we got a sneak peek at what each girl can do when they were aiming for their dreams in Girls Planet 999. There is always room for growth for anyone, and any group, but when you start at this level, well let’s just say we are excited to see Kep1er continue to grow and continue to go even higher from here.

Image Source: via Kepler Twitter (@official_kep1er)

Now about that album… As we mentioned we loved it! From the title track, down to the Kep1er versions of tracks, we couldn’t stop jamming. The track we were most anticipating was ‘WA DA DA,’ primarily because we wanted to know what direction the group would be going song and MV-wise. And they didn’t disappoint. ‘WA DA DA’ is a dance-filled song, that helps show off not only the girls’ vocals but what they had learned while a part of the program. We honestly really loved the quiet opening, as well as the ‘club sounding’ breakdown of the track. The choreo also couldn’t have been cuter.

The B-Sides were also very impressive, each had given the girls time to shine and show off their amazing vocals. It was also really cool to hear the Kep1er versions of tracks we fell in love with during Girls Planet 999. And we aren’t the only ones who fell in love with the album as the group became the best-selling debut album (for a girl group), on Hanteo, good job girls, and Kep1ian!

Some of the tracks also remind us of some of LOONA’s newer stuff, so if you like Kep1er you would most definitely enjoy LOONA, and vice versa. Our favorite tracks from First Impact have to be, ‘WA DA DA,’ ‘See The Light,’ and ‘O.O.O (Over&Over&Over).’ You can’t listen to First Impact enough, also if it’s your first time listening to it, you can find where to stream, here.

Image Source: via Kepler Twitter (@official_kep1er)

You can also check out some behind-the-scenes moments, as the girls get ready for their first variety show appearance down below (pt. 2 here), as well as get to know the group. We think it will make you appreciate this album even more, especially if you’re a new fan, or want to become one.

What are your thoughts on Kep1er’s debut mini-album First Impact? Let us know in the comments down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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