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Kep1er Keep It ‘Fresh’ With New Album Troubleshooter

Kep1er Keep It ‘Fresh’ With New Album Troubleshooter

We’ve said it before and we guarantee we’ll say it again: Kep1ians are spoiled rotten by their girls! With their third release in just over a month, Kep1er are at it again! This time Kep1er have come back with their 3rd Mini Album Troubleshooter, and they have upped their game once again.

Troubleshooter might be only sixteen minutes long, but it certainly packs a punch in that time! The concept is a far cry from the sweetness of ‘Sugar Rush’ or the brightness of ‘Up!’ In Troubleshooter Kep1er are standing on their own two feet (or 18 feet…?) as strong young women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. They’re not holding back!

‘We Fresh’

It’s hard to comprehend a title track that could rival behemoths ‘WA DA DA’ and ‘Up!’ but here we are! ‘We Fresh’ shows the group at their most assertive – and honestly aggressive – yet. The guitar-heavy track is a story of rebellion and pulling yourself out of a rut to try something new.

The music video for ‘We Fresh’ continues this tale, as we see each member of Kep1er practicing everything from sword-fighting to target practice to martial arts. We love this messaging and we love seeing these nine girls lead the way!

Troubleshooter B-sides

Image Source: Wake One Entertainment and Swing Entertainment

If that wasn’t enough, Kep1er have plenty more in store for us. Troubleshooter is a five-track album, and ‘We Fresh’ is just the beginning. B-side ‘Lion Tamer’ only pushes the title track’s messaging further, as the group declares themselves brave and confident (and able to steal your heart)!

As we’re blessed time and time again with iconic tracks from Kep1er, it’s nearly impossible to comprehend that they debuted literally this year. They’ve achieved so much we can hardly recount it all, including three mini albums, a Japanese album, and international performances in the UK, Australia, and the U.S.

Image Source: official_kep1er on Twitter

If we had to guess though, we’d say one of Kep1er’s 2022 highlights came earlier this week when they had their first-ever fan meeting, Kep1anet! Kep1er even treated their fans (as they always do) to a preview performance of Troubleshooter track ‘Dreams.’ The jealousy coursing through us rn…

Kep1er’s discography, and success, already rivals that of groups far more senior to them. We think it’s safe to say they’re super rookies, so we’re almost scared of how much they could grow during their sophomore year!

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What’s your favorite track on Kep1er’s Troubleshooter? We need all of your thoughts on ‘We Fresh’ right now! Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or you can find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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