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Nicki Nicole Wins The Battle Against Herself In ‘Nobody Like Yo’

Nicki Nicole Wins The Battle Against Herself In ‘Nobody Like Yo’

We have all doubted ourselves at some point in our lives. We have felt uncertain about where we’re headed or who we are. These feelings are normal. We’re all humans navigating this fast-changing world, but who said we can’t defeat those insecurities and feel like we can do it all? Nicki Nicole sends this inspiring message through ‘Nobody Like Yo,’ her newest single and music video that makes us want to win our internal fight.

Nicki Is On The Rise

Nicki is one of the most successful Argentinian urban artists. She has been collecting high-charting positions and collaborations with other admired artists from the genre, including Bizarrap, Duki, and Cazzu. Her latest album, Parte De Mi, released at the end of 2021, included incredibly successful singles like ‘Colocao,’ which has over 100 million streams on Spotify. She also became one of Spotify’s top 10 most-streamed Argentinian artists internationally. Nicki has never been afraid of playing with different renditions of her songs, like in her NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. She’s a superstar!

‘Nobody Like Yo’

‘Nobody Like Yo’ is Nicki Nicole’s first solo single since Parte De Mi. We keep on listening to it on repeat! In addition to an incredible beat, the lyrics describe how Nicki’s self-worth is at an all-time high and how she can conquer everything on her way. The music video features Nicki channeling her boxing abilities to win against “Nicole,” the other version of herself.

Image Source: @jesspraznik

We loved the quality of her music video! The colors and the details were amazing, and they complimented the song in the best way possible.

We also loved how Nicki invited her friend Momo to be a guest star in the video. Momo is an Argentinian Twitch streamer that has always been proud of representing Argentina in the audiovisual world. His addition fits ‘Nobody Like Yo’ perfectly, as he was one of the participants in the biggest Twitch live-streamed event ever, La Velada Del Año 2. This event featured boxing matches against Spanish-speaking streamers, along months of physical training and content creation related to the event. Momo represents Nicki’s coach, and we loved how much depth his participation has added to the video!

You became a hero today @nicki.nicole. Congratulations and I wish you even more success.

Translation of Momo’s Instagram caption

What do you think about ‘Nobody Like Yo?’ Are you recommending Nicki to all of your friends? Be sure to tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more of our favorite urban artists, click here!


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