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Exclusive Interview: The Ever Evolving VÉRITÉ Opens Up About Her Newest EP and Staying Creative During These Times

Exclusive Interview: The Ever Evolving VÉRITÉ Opens Up About Her Newest EP and Staying Creative During These Times


Always working, even in these challenging times, the ever-evolving VÉRITÉ never fails to amaze us. From her new EP, New Limbs: Volume 1, to the project’s whole aesthetic and even finding new innovative ways to connect with fans, we are in awe of the consistent quality of work and ideas she continues to put out. And luckily, we got to take a peek into that creative mind with an exclusive interview with VÉRITE!

Putting out her newest EP at the beginning of the month, VÉRITÉ put the loneliness of quarantine to use by diving into her songwriting, allowing the stories of her life to loosely play out in the art form she has honed to help process her emotions.

This EP included the singles, ‘younger women’ and ‘i’ll take the blame,’ both a look into some of the deeper emotions that VÉRITÉ is known to not shy away from and even though all of her albums, EPs, and singles have been independently produced she has earned over 1 million monthly listeners on digital platforms!

Talking her newest project, creative process, influences and must listen to songs, strap in on this deep dive into the honey pot with this sweet interview!

Your newest project is called New Limbs: Volume 1, are any other volumes in the works, and can you give us a hint on when we can expect them if so?

There is always something in the works. I’m literally the energizer bunny. I’m not sure if what’s next will be an official “New Limbs: Volume 2,” but the music will continue to be extensions of where I’ve been and experiments in where I can go.

In your own words, how would you describe your sound and music style? Which artists or bands have had the biggest influence on your sound?

I’d say I’m simply “alt-pop.” I have had so many influences. The Cranberries, The Breeders, Fiona Apple, James Blake, Kimbra… this list could go on forever.

How would you describe your songwriting process, and did you find it easier to write during quarantine or harder?

I found it easier to write in quarantine. There was no distraction from myself and no opportunity for avoidance. I had to sit in my feelings, and I had A LOT of feelings to process. The songs basically wrote themselves.

If you could write or create a story based around one of the songs off of New Limbs: Volume 1, which song would it be and why? What would the story be?

“I’ll Take the Blame” is a story, vaguely told. It’s about loving someone so much you’ll take on the hurt and the mess for them and let them walk away. I’m less fictional and more factual when it comes to my storytelling.

What has it been like adjusting to releasing music in COVID and having to do a virtual release as opposed to a live performance or experience?

It’s been good. I’ve been trying to embrace what’s possible rather than lament what isn’t available to me because of COVID. It’s a time for experimenting, and I’m so happy with some of the projects that we’ve done.

How did you come up with the idea for the whole virtual world and how did you feel about the whole experience?

My mom is the one who put the idea in my head. She is a brilliant consumer behavior/marketing researcher and professor who is utilizing a similar tool for her work. The experience was overall just fun. It felt chaotic and uncertain, like how an actual party would feel. It’s also the most socializing I’ve done in so long.

We love how your lyric videos all seem to revolve around an aesthetic, what was the creative thought process for these videos? Did you know off the bat that you wanted them to look like this or did it take time to come to that idea?

Nicole Mago, my photographer and videographer, and I have worked together for a long time. Initially I gave her an overall concept for what I wanted, and we planned what we could while leaving enough room to be impulsive and stumble on shots.

And for the ‘Younger Woman’ lyric video, we noticed you were in a graveyard for the photoshoot. What was that like and what was the inspiration behind the location?

That location paired with that song paired with me, in my mother’s wedding dress is a literal interpretation of “love is dead.”

A few months ago, VÉRITÉ had another innovative idea to interact with her fans as she went on a new type of tour, one right in your driveway, called Live From 6ft Apart, bringing her live songs to fans after her upcoming tour had been canceled due to COVID-19. Traveling from state to state on the upper east coast and giving fans a full-on, one-woman show! Can you imagine being this lucky?

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Those long drives meant major tunes for the road, so just like so many of you, we were dying to know what VÉRITÉ’s road trip playlist looks like, as she even asked fans to send in songs for the trip!

You asked your followers to send you music to listen to on your drive alone, if you were to recommend a couple of songs for fans to listen to on a long drive, what would they be?

These are albums… but
All of Radiohead, In Rainbows,
Run the Jewels 2
Counting Crows, August and Everything After
Blackpink, How You Like That

If you had to pick 5 songs to be the soundtrack to your life (you can include yours) what would your choices be?

Radiohead, ‘Bodysnatchers’
Son Lux, ‘The Fool You Need’
Wye Oak, ‘Civilian’
James Vincent McMorrow, ‘Cavalier’
Brittany Howard, ‘Short and Sweet’

Quarantine might have taken a lot of things away, but we must say that the music made during this time of isolation has been astounding. You can take a listen to VÉRITÉ’s life soundtrack below and let us know what songs you’re going to add to your playlists!

Have you listened to VÉRITÉ’s new EP? What’s your favorite track, or your go-to road trip album? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Nicole Mago

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