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5 Stray Kids Stages To Watch Ahead Of Their 2023 BBMAs Performance

5 Stray Kids Stages To Watch Ahead Of Their 2023 BBMAs Performance

The ROCK-STAR era is starting with a bang! Stray Kids first debuted on the Billboard 200 chart by topping it at the beginning of 2022 with their mini-album ODDINARY. And they have continued to top the chart with their releases since then. It seemed only fitting that they would be part of the Billboard Music Awards – and our prayers have been answered! Stray Kids are officially performing at the 2023 BBMAs, and we can’t hold our excitement for the insane performance that is upon us and the massive stepping stone it means for Stray Kids.

As we wait for their performance on November 19th, we’re looking back at some of our favorite performances by Stray Kids ever. Because if there’s one thing they know how to do, it is how to own the stage.

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‘VENOM’ And ‘MANIAC’ At The 2022 MAMAs

It is common knowledge that K-Pop acts tend to put on their bigger stages at the year-end awards – especially when it comes to the MAMAs. Stray Kids have owned the entire show every single time they’ve been there. For their 2022 performance, they simply brought the ODDINARY concept to life with an impressive and captivating stage that captured this era perfectly. Stray Kids love singing their b-sides at the MAMAs: we got ‘Victory Song,’ ‘CHEESE,’ and in 2022, we got ‘VENOM,’ followed by the iconic ‘MANIAC.’ The energy, the aesthetic, the concept, everything was there. Stray Kids absolutely owned the stage. They were the main event.

‘Victory Song’ At The 2020 MAMAs

And talking about the MAMAs – how could we forget the iconic performance of ‘Victory Song?’ Stray Kids went with the bold choice of performing only a more than a year-old b-side, off the Clé 1: MIROH mini-album, and reinventing it entirely. They changed the choreography, added fire, and blew everyone away. The performance served as an announcement for Kingdom, in which they also served some of their best and most iconic performances, leading them to win the entire show.

It was clear from the beginning that they weren’t playing around. And this version of ‘Victory Song’ has remained iconic. They even performed it during their biggest tour yet, the 5-Star Dome Tour.

‘3rd Eye,’ ‘Side Effects,’ ‘Carpe Diem’ And ‘Double Knot’ At The 2019 V Heartbeat Awards

Yes, it’s an old one, but it’s one we simply cannot forget. Back in the day when VLive was still around, they had an award show: the V Heartbeats. In 2019, Stray Kids had a 7-minute-long performance, and to this day, it remains one of our all-time favorite performances. It is the perfect embodiment of 2019 Stray Kids. They performed part of ‘3rd Eye,’ a fan favorite b-side off their debut mini-album, I am NOT. They also performed ‘Side Effects‘ and ‘Double Knot,’ with a transition we will never forget. Changbin and Han performed the (at the time) unreleased new 3RACHA song: ‘Carpe Diem.’ And this duo rapping together is always insane. All of this was, of course, tied together with a Dead Poets Society-inspired concept. Everything about it was simply perfect.

Stray Kids have been exceptional performers since day one, with strong, impactful performances and unique stages. This 2019 performance still lives rent-free in our minds.

‘Thunderous’ At The 2021 SBS Gayodaejeon

Stray Kids don’t play around when it comes to rearranging their songs. Especially in 2021, when they only had one title track to perform. ‘Thunderous’ had a million different arrangements for the year-end performances, and they all were unique, fresh, and unforgettable in their own way. Because Stray Kids aren’t content with performing the same song with an element or two different, they do a whole revamping of their songs even if they have to revamp it ten times. And while all versions of ‘Thunderous’ were amazing, there is one that remains to this day probably our absolute all-time favorite Stray Kids performance: ‘Thunderous’ but make it Christmas.

The remix made by VERSACHOI turns the bold and loud ‘Thunderous’ into a jazzy, fun, joyful, Christmassy song. In the performance, they included references to Squid Game, a tap-dancing break by Felix, and so much more. There are so many things going on in this stage; watching it ten times won’t be enough. This version of ‘Thunderous’ is just a blast to watch, and we could never get tired of it. They’re geniuses for this one.

‘S-Class’ At The 2023 VMAs

Last but not least is Stray Kids‘ performance at the 2023 VMAs. This one was extra special because it was their first appearance and performance at any US award show. Needless to say, it was a big deal. On top of that, they won their first-ever VMA for Best K-Pop Song with ‘S-Class.’ It seemed only right that they would tear up the stage with that same song – and they did. With a new arrangement, fun new elements, and a mindblowing new dance break, this performance of ‘S-Class‘ was simply legendary and by far one of the highlights of the night. The 2023 VMAs will surely go down as one of the key moments of Stray Kids’ history.

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Now Stray Kids are about to take the stage to perform both ‘S-Class’ and ‘LALALALA’ at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, another massive moment in their story. We’re sure this stage will join the list of our favorite Stray Kids performances of all time!

What is your favorite Stray Kids performance of all time? What are you expecting for their performance at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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