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Let’s Celebrate ‘THE SOUND’ Of Stray Kids

Let’s Celebrate ‘THE SOUND’ Of Stray Kids

Stray Kids start the year in a big way with the release of their first Japanese full-length album: THE SOUND! In the past 5 years, we’ve discovered all the sides and facets of Stray Kids’ unique sound and this new album is in every way a celebration of exactly that: the sound Stray Kids have created. With previously released songs, Japanese versions of Korean songs, and new songs, THE SOUND is an album filled with nothing but masterpieces.

The Sound

THE SOUND is truly the perfect embodiment and example of Stray Kids’ unique music. And while we love new songs, we could never forget some of their most iconic songs. On THE SOUND, they also included their 2021 Japanese single, ‘Scars,’ along with the Japanese version of their iconic title track ‘Thunderous.’ Both of these songs had been released previously on Stray Kids’ second Japanese single album, Scars.

But that’s far from all, as they also released the Japanese version of ‘Case 143‘ along with an animated version of the music video. It is so cute and fun to watch – truly unique and original. The Japanese version of ‘Chill,’ a MAXIDENT b-side written by Han, was also a new release on THE SOUND. This might be the best Japanese version they’ve released of a song. ‘Chill’ remains just as good as the first time we heard it!

The Title Track

The main character of this release, however, is of course ‘THE SOUND,’ the song. Stray Kids truly never miss, even when it comes to their Japanese releases. ‘THE SOUND’ is impactful and unforgettable – just like them!

Stray Kids came into the industry already as one-of-a-kind. Bang Chan formed the group – they’re one of the few self-produced groups out there and even created their own genre. So of course, there’s a lot to be proud of. Stray Kids have marked the entire 4th generation of K-Pop, and K-Pop in general, in more ways than we could explain. And ‘THE SOUND’ is all about celebrating exactly that: their music, how they’ve stuck to their guts, and their artistry. With strong rap verses, a striking and addictive chorus, and the mixture of rock and EDM influences, ‘THE SOUND’ embodies all of Stray Kids’ music – the old and the new. This is Stray Kids. It’s aggressive, it’s melodic, it’s unique – and it’s incredible.

The New Songs

‘THE SOUND’ wasn’t the only new song from this release – far from it. It wouldn’t be a full-length album if it weren’t for the other five new songs we got!

‘There’ is the closing track of the album, but it was also a pre-released song. It’s considered to be the continuation of ‘Your Eyes,’ a song released on their previous Japanese mini-album, Circus. It has the same energy: sweet and loving. Only this time, ‘There’ is about the aftermath of falling apart. In other words, it’s the nostalgic and heartbreaking version of ‘Your Eyes.’

If you love Stray Kids’ early sound as much as we do, ‘Battle Ground’ is definitely for you. This song is epic, to say the least. The mixture of rock with impactful rap verses is one of the signature sounds Stray Kids had during their first releases – and we love it! And yeah, we did miss Stray Kids screaming their name in their songs. ‘Battle Ground’ is loud, unapologetic, and overflowing with energy and power.

‘Lost Me’ is one of Stray Kids’ most beautiful, painful, and heartbreaking ballads yet. Changbin really has a way with this type of song. ‘Lost Me’ feels nostalgic and heartfelt, and the lyrics are painfully relatable. It also helps that the melody is so addictive, and their vocals are literally heavenly. Stray Kids can hit you with the best rap verses out there, but they will also hit you with the best vocals!

‘DLMLU’ and ‘Novel’ are extra special because it is the first time Hyunjin and Seungmin have composed an OT8 song. They’ve participated in the writing of several songs and composed unit songs, as well as solo songs, but never an OT8 song. Now, ‘DLMLU’ (which stands for ‘Don’t Let Me Love You’) was written by Hyunjin and initially meant for Danceracha – and you can definitely hear it. This is another heartbreaking one, for sure, yet much darker. It almost reminds us of the energy that ‘3rd Eye,’ from I am NOT, has. On the other hand, ‘Novel’ is a song composed by Seungmin. This one is much brighter and more upbeat. It’s a sweet song full of love and comfort with incredible lyricism. Nothing like this one to cheer you up!

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Stray Kids have always been all about writing and producing their own music, especially by their producing team 3RACHA. It’s exciting and incredible to see more members releasing songs for Stray Kids. They keep growing as a group and as artists and we love to see it. This is truly their sound and no one else’s!

What’s your favorite song from The Sound? Which music video is your favorite? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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