5 Of Our Favorite Songs Written By Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

There are very few songs in Stray Kids’ discography that haven’t been touched by Bang Chan. He has even composed and/or produced solo songs for other members. Bang Chan’s name is seriously all over their discography.

He makes every single song unique and special, and there are songs that simply scream “Bang Chan” to us. Today we’re mostly looking at songs where Bang Chan was the only Stray Kids member involved in the making of the song. These are some of our favorite songs with that Bang Chan flair we love so much!

‘Mixtape: Gone Days’ (2019)

SKZ released ‘Mixtape: Gone Days’ back in December 2019 as a gift to Stays for the holidays – and what a present it was. This is one of the most fun songs in Stray Kids’ discography with multiple puns and plays on words. The title alone is a play on word with the Korean word “gondae,” which basically means “boomer.” Something about Bang Chan and Stray Kids in general, it’s that they love a good play on words. ‘Mixtape: Gone Days’ is uplifting, fun, and carefree, and it never fails to make us smile.

‘Butterflies’ (Social Path / Super Bowl – Japanese Ver.-, 2023)

Bang Chan’s mind is impressive when it comes to music and how he finds inspiration in the smallest things. ‘Butterflies’ was inspired by the simple fact that one day a butterfly landed on his nose. And he made a song out of it. It’s such a stand-out in their discography with lyrics that are reminiscent of the beginning of a crush and a Bossanova-inspired beat. Bang Chan teased this song a long time ago in one of his lives and it made it even more special when it finally got released.

‘Butterflies’ is one of those songs where you can feel Bang Chan’s presence all over it.

‘i hate to admit’ (2020)

Even though we absolutely love the way Bang Chan manages to create songs that capture the best sides of every member of Stray Kids, we cannot leave behind one of his solo songs. ‘i hate to admit’ is an emotional, raw, heartbreaking song about feeling betrayed. Not only do the lyrics destroy us every single time, but his vocals are insane here. ‘i hate to admit’ is one of the best portrayals of how much range his vocals have, and it’s a reminder of what an amazing vocalist he is. The way he’s able to express all these emotions never ceases to blow us away.

‘Youtiful’ (5-STAR, 2023)

Bang Chan always has a way of bringing love and comfort into our lives, and music is one of the many ways he does it. ‘Youtiful’ is the perfect example of it. On their third full-length album, 5-STAR, ‘Youtiful’ is a heartfelt and sincere pop ballad that feels like a big hug. It’s all about accepting yourself with your flaws and struggles included. The vocals, the melodies, the lyrics – Bang Chan really nailed this one. While it was originally meant to be a solo song for him, the company loved it so much that they decided to release it as an OT8 song. And we can totally see why.

‘Haven’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

Very few songs are as special as this one. ‘Haven’ has gained such an important place in Stray Kids’ discography and in our hearts – and we have Bang Chan to thank for it. Bang Chan and Stray Kids created a safe haven for everyone who even comes in contact with their music and we love that. ‘Haven’ has such a beautiful meaning and message. It’s bright, fun, and so catchy with the inclusion of terms that are special to Stray Kids such as “step out.” It’s also the song that they close most of their concerts with – that’s how you know a song is special. We hope it stays like this for a long time because it’s one of those songs that truly embody the connection between Stray Kids and their fandom.

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