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5 Performances That Made Stray Kids’ Felix Shine

5 Performances That Made Stray Kids’ Felix Shine

Stray Kids’ Felix is hands down one of the best performers there is. With every single performance, you can notice how he was born to perform and to be on stage. His passion, talent, and hard work are so noticeable in every single performance. He fills our lives with such joy just by performing. There are some of the stages where he shined even more than usual, and here are our favorites!

‘God’s DDU-DU DDU-DU’ At Kingdom (2021)

We all know this performance by heart at this point, but it never hurts to remember how impactful it was. Felix took on the role of Deadpool and tore up the stage. The mashup of Blackpink’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ with ‘God’s Menu’ is one of the most iconic stages Stray Kids has ever done, and a big part of that is Felix. His introduction was everything as he recreated a scene of Deadpool, but his rap verse was insane. Everything about this Felix is unforgettable and will go down in history as one of the most iconic things in K-Pop history.

‘VENOM’ And ‘MANIAC’ At The 2022 MAMAs

One could argue that Felix in any ‘MANIAC‘ performance is on a whole other level, but there is an even higher level: ‘VENOM’ and ‘MANIAC’ at the MAMAs 2022. Between the iconic verses he has in both of these songs and how he owns the stage every single time he’s at the center, Felix already had us at the tip of his finger. But the solo dance between the two songs is something we have not forgotten and probably never will. He is so talented in what he does, and we could watch him perform for days on end. He simply owned every single second of this performance.

‘Side Effects’ At MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2019

‘Side Effects’ in its chillest form already has an insane choreography. But back in the year-end performances of 2019, Stray Kids performed a vampire-concept-inspired version of their iconic song. The introduction of this performance was insane, and the way Felix commanded the center stage was so incredibly impactful. We were hooked. The power he had that night should be studied.

And yes. This was the same day as the iconic “boom shaka laka” clip. Red hair Felix, you will always be famous.

‘Thunderous (Christmas Ver.)’ At SBS Gayo Daejeon 2021

Stray Kids performed a million different versions of ‘Thunderous,’ and yet they managed to make every single one of them special. If there was one that stood out, though – the Christmas version. The remix starts strong right with Felix’s bridge, and every time Felix has the intro, you know it’s about to be insane. On top of that, the brighter twist of the song fit Felix’s natural joyful energy incredibly well. And of course… One of the big highlights of this Stray Kids performance has to go to Felix’s tap dance solo. He was so much in his element, his energy was simply contagious. Everything about this performance is simply a blast.

‘Rev It Up’

Stray Kids surprised us all with the setlist of their 5-STAR Dome Tour with the inclusion of their first solo stages. Some of those solo stages included exclusive new songs, and that includes Felix’s ‘Rev It Up.’ His first solo song, ‘Deep end,’ showed a softer, more sensible side and showcased his unique vocals. But ‘Rev It Up’ is completely different. The energy he has in this stage is insane. ‘Rev It Up’ overflows with confidence with a blond choreography and one of the most insane rap verses Felix has ever delivered. Felix is a performer, he performs. It takes a lot to own such a big stage in a dome, but he does it with ease every single time.

Side notes: he changes clothes on the stage and reveals painted wings on his back as a transition between ‘MIROH’ and ‘Rev It Up’ – it’s iconic, it’s showstopping, it’s absolutely everything.

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