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Get Into Levent Geiger With These 3 Songs!

Get Into Levent Geiger With These 3 Songs!

We could spend hours on social media enjoying the new wave of extremely talented musicians that bring fresh air into the scene. We’re always a scroll away from finding our new favorite artists, and we think we found our next gem in Levent Geiger’s music! We have been obsessed with his YouTube and TikTok mashups for a while now, and his original songs have made their way into our playlists. If you want to get to know Levent’s style, we’ve compiled our favorite three tracks by him. Let’s get into them!

‘Deserve It’

We’re starting with Levent’s newest single because it’s a great, catchy bop! ‘Deserve It‘ came into our lives at the perfect time. We’ve been clinging to our summer memories as we don’t want to leave the hot season to the side, and this song is perfect for that. It makes us feel so grateful for sharing our time with our hearts on our sleeve. Levent has captured those feelings to the tee because we have been listening to this single on repeat!

‘2 Dumb Kids’

Jumping headfirst into something new without giving it too much thought is such an adrenaline rush. We felt so much happiness while leaving our fears at the door, and sometimes, we just want to go back and repeat those experiences over and over again. Can you relate to this? Then, you should listen to ‘2 Dumb Kids!’

This Levent song is a classic to us at this point, and it’s definitely going to be a part of our Spotify rewind at the end of the year. We have been singing the chorus in our heads for months now, and we knew we had to share this great track with you (you’re welcome!)

‘fck i wish’

Are you in need of a song that will give you chills? Trust us when we say that ‘fck i wish’ will do the work. We had to include this song in our introduction to Levent. We just had to! His voice is gorgeous in all of his work, but his vocals on this track match the vibe of the lyrics so well that we go speechless every time we listen to it. How can you not get goosebumps with verses like “so I turn the radio up loud, and I’m waitin’ for the song that we used to sing along to, ’cause suddenly it’s hard to be alone?

Have we made you a Levent stan? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you want to keep having fun in our hive, don’t forget to join our Discord!

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