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5 Stray Kids Songs That Highlight Seungmin’s Vocals

5 Stray Kids Songs That Highlight Seungmin’s Vocals

Seungmin’s vocals shine in every single Stray Kids song. His tone is unique and beautiful, and we could seriously listen to him sing for days on end. Seungmin could sing every single song ever, and we wouldn’t be mad about it. That’s the power of being part of Vocalracha.

These are some of the songs in Stray Kidsdiscography that made us fall head over heels for Seungmin!

‘Get Cool’ (I am YOU, 2018)

Seungmin’s voice has always been one of the elements in Stray Kids’ music that we love the most. ‘Get Cool‘ is one of those songs that shows the more sweet and playful side of his vocals. His voice feels like honey in the song. And in the SKZ2020 version of the song, ‘Get Cool’ highlights his vocals even more as he takes over the bridge. It made the song even better than it was before. He isn’t the main vocalist for no reason, believe us.

‘Mixtape: On Track’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

The release of ‘Mixtape: On Track‘ was really a moment in time. Everything about this song is simply perfect. The thing about Seungmin’s parts in ‘Mixtape: On Track’ is that his voice sounds so satisfying and pretty. First of all, he has the first part of the pre-chorus where he mixes falsetto and belts it perfectly. But most importantly, the bridge. There are no words to explain just how much he ate with that bridge. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect, and every time we listen to it, our hearts flutter.

‘Secret Secret’ (NOEASY, 2021)

One of the things we love the most about Seungmin’s vocals is how he is able to deliver all the emotions and feelings with every single fiber of his body. It is safe to say that Seungmin truly shines through Stray Kids’ ballads. But if we had to pick one of them, it would have to be ‘Secret Secret.’ The duo of Seungmin singing Han‘s songs can never fail us. Especially in the first chorus, Seungmin shows insane technique by mixing powerful belting with falsettos. And he adds so much more emotion to the already painful lyrics. It hits every single time.

‘Scars’ (Scars, 2021)

It is safe to say that Seungmin in ‘Scars‘ rewired everyone’s brain. We still have a brain rot about it. And while most of it is related to his solo dance with the mic stand in the second verse, it is not only because of that. In his part in the second verse, he shows his softer and sweeter vocals. Whereas in the chorus, his voice fits perfectly with the exploding emotional EDM. ‘Scars‘ being such an emotional yet hard-hitting song really allows Seungmin to show the different sides to his vocals and simply shine.

‘Waiting For Us’ (ODDINARY, 2022)

Now, mix the emotional side of Seungmin’s voice with his perfect tone for pop-rock… You get ‘Waiting For Us.’ Everyone shows beautiful and emotional vocals in this track, and Seungmin is no exception. This song has it all. He shows his falsetto and even references his first OST, ‘Here Always,’ in his lyrics. On top of that, his voice blows us away every single time in the last chorus. After the song calms down for the bridge, he sings that last chorus with such power. It makes us an emotional mess every time. This being a song he co-wrote also makes it extra special, and you feel it in his voice.

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What’s your favorite song out of these Stray Kids songs? What other Stray Kids song do you think highlights Seungmin’s vocals? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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