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K-Pop Music Videos By Boy Groups That Could Be K-Dramas

K-Pop Music Videos By Boy Groups That Could Be K-Dramas

If there’s something K-Pop will always excel at, it’s music videos. Their production is always incredible, the way they’re shot makes them look like movies a lot of the time, and it’s one of the things that one can always look forward to in K-Pop. And there are many different genres and styles. But one of our favorite styles by far is when idols come out with the acting skills and create a music video we wish could be turned into a whole K-Drama. These are some of our favorite boy group music videos like that!

DAY6’s School Trilogy (‘What Can I Do,’ ‘I Loved You’ & ‘When You Love Someone’)

The first one isn’t just one single music video, but actually three of them, also known as DAY6‘s school trilogy. The storyline was referenced in other music videos such as ‘All Alone,’ but the storyline is mainly contained in these three music videos: ‘What Can I Do,’ ‘I Loved You,’ and ‘When You Love Someone.’ In 2017, DAY6 was releasing two songs a month with a music video, so might as well make a storyline with it, right?

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As you might have guessed, the story occurs in high school, where all the members have their separate storylines and they end up intertwined. There are love triangles, unrequited love, found friendships, friend zones, and so much more. Even if it sounds angsty, it’s overall a blast to watch and it’s extremely fun to see this other side of the members. Truly a moment in time.

KINGDOM’s ‘The Song of Dann (Promise)’

Now this one really stands out from the rest of the list. While DAY6‘s trilogy was more in the school K-drama side of things, KINGDOM’s ‘The Song of Dann (Promise)’ is like a romantic historic k-drama. It follows the same setting and the story they began with the title track of History Of Kingdom: Pt. IV. Dann, ‘Ascension.’ While that song is more powerful, this one is an absolutely beautiful ballad. The setting is gorgeous to say the least, they look incredible, and everything about it is top tier. This is literally a k-drama told in a music video and we love it.

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Could this really be considered a K-drama? Debatable. But it still definitely deserves a spot on this list.

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This is more of a dystopia where the members have to fight each other in order to survive. A kind of Squid Game thing, but more accurately, ‘MAVERICK‘ is heavily inspired by the Japanese movie Battle Royale. While the storyline is pretty clear and the shots are absolutely gorgeous, we wish we would have the entire story to see their acting shine (and we know these guys can act) and also answer all of our questions.

Stray Kids’ ‘Mixtape: On Track’

For their second anniversary, Stray Kids released something they had never tried before: a music video based solely on acting and a storyline. ‘Mixtape : On Track‘ would be the beginning of a series of music videos as it was followed by the Track Unveil of ‘B Me,’ ‘Mixtape: OH,’ and ‘The View.’ Similarly to DAY6‘s school trilogy, for this one, Stray Kids are students in high school. Funny enough, the school they used to film appears in many K-dramas such as True BeautyOur Beloved Summer and Extra-ordinary You – for which Stray Kids did their first OST, ‘Neverending Story.’ It all starts because they have a film making club and their two main actors, Lee Know and Hyunjin are stuck in a love triangle – and I.N is also mixed into the whole thing. And there starts the drama!

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Golden Child’s ‘Burn It’

If there’s one group that went all out with acting in a music video, it’s Golden Child. For their first comeback of 2021 with ‘Burn It,’ they released a music video that mostly focused on their acting in this world taken over by zombies. Not only that, but Golden Child took the extra step to even release a nine-minute version of the music video also known as the “drama version.” And it’s a trip to watch it. Their acting skills are incredible. There are twists and turns. There’s everything you would want from a post-apocalyptic zombie world K-drama. They really did something with this one. And they’re clearly aware of it because they did something similar with their second comeback of 2021: ‘Ram Pam Pam.’

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BTS’ ‘I Need U’

Of course, how could we miss this one? The last K-Pop music video on our list is none other than BTS‘ ‘I Need U.’ This song will always remain a stepping stone in their career. It might have been their first win at a music show, but it was also the beginning of what would come to be the BTS Universe. It would end up including several music videos, highlight reels, webtoons, and so much more. ‘I Need U’ was the beginning of it all. The acting is top tier, the filming is incredible, and everything about it is so special. It mixed a youthful feel with angst, friendship, and found family. BTS’ lore is truly one of a kind, and this was the beginning of it all.

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Which one of these music videos is your favorite? Which K-Pop music video would you add to the list? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • I feel BTS’ Run and Blood Sweat & Tears would make good k-dramas as well as TXT’s OX1=LOVESONG and Frost

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