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How We Felt After Golden Child’s Feel me

How We Felt After Golden Child’s Feel me

Golden Child Feel me

No, we’re not ok. Golden Child just made a comeback after forever (we’re being dramatic), and we couldn’t be more wowed than we are right now. We have three brand-new songs, and we love every single one. Note that this is also the first release since leader Daeyeol was discharged from the military, which makes Golden Child’s Feel me even more special and emotional.

‘Feel me’ Takes Hold Of Our Emotions

Golden Child are masters when it comes to bright concepts, but they also have a way of showing us that there’s hope even in the darkest hours, and the title track ‘Feel me’ is an embodiment of the latter. While the song itself does a great job relaying the message, the music video greatly enhances the experience. You need to watch this one if you haven’t already. And if you have, you’re probably like us, making the time to replay it over and over.

Our emotions are all over the place from GolCha’s ‘Feel me.’ The song has such a strong nostalgic feeling, and so does its clip. The members are very good when it comes to acting, and that’s why we are in love with all their story-driven music videos. They are always so deep and affecting that it’s impossible not to love them.

‘Feel me’ sings about youth, a time already passed, and the now, filled with both hardships and good memories. It is the chorus that has the strongest impact musically-wise. That is the part that makes us feel hopeful, the one that makes us focus on the good, and the one that gives us aspiration for the future.

Meanwhile, our hearts broke watching the music video. It shows members reminiscing good old memories that warm us up as we watch their interactions. Then, we are faced with a later time in their lives that seems to be filled with pain and struggle. The sound you just heard is our hearts turning into little pieces. You wouldn’t want to miss this whirlwind of emotions that GolCha brings with ‘Feel me.’ We won’t spoil more, so you better go and check out their new song for yourselves.

The B-Sides Got Us Feeling More

To be honest, we think the whole single album pulls out so many emotions in us that it’s hard to keep up. But that’s what we love: being able to experience various things through music. ‘Blind Love’ has such a bright and cheerful vibe, one we are familiar with hearing when it comes to Golden Child. It’s a refreshing, upbeat track about a love that is so strong and sweet that you’ll immediately fall in love with the song.

Then we have the last piece of the puzzle, produced by member TAG, and a song touched by him always turns out to be incredibly beautiful. It may start like a ballad, but we’d say, wait for it. ‘Dear’ holds a special place in our hearts with its positive reach, and we couldn’t stress enough how much you’d be missing out if you don’t listen to it.

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After checking out Golden Child’s Feel me, is there a song that stands out to you more than the others? Are you feeling that rush of emotions as well? Come and share all of your thoughts at @thehoneypop or on our Facebook and Instagram. We are obsessed and need to talk about it.

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