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Heejin Shines The Brightest With ‘Algorithm’

Heejin Shines The Brightest With ‘Algorithm’

First, we got ODD EYE CIRCLE, followed by Loossemble and then Chuu, and now… We have Heejin’s first solo mini-album in our hands.

‘Algorithm’ and K confirm that Heejin was simply born to be on stage. Going for the sound we love in Loona and making it refreshing and new with the ARTMS name, Heejin’s first mini-album is everything we expected and so much more!


Heejin is a genius for choosing ‘Algorithm’ as a title track. The song perfectly embodies the vibe you will find in the entirety of K. And on top of that, ‘Algorithm’ mixes the influence of R&B we find in Loona‘s early discography, that very specific sound that made us fall in love with them in the first place, and yet it feels fresh, new and unique in its own way. Heejin puts her own spin and color to ‘Algorithm,’ and she shines in every way. We can’t possibly not mention her voice in the bridge and how it blows us away with every single listen. Heejin’s talent is on another level.

‘Algorithm’ is, at its core, an empowering, upbeat song about breaking things off with someone who hurts you. It’s addictive and catchy, and it’s Heejin’s way of owning her own narrative. The music video takes a slightly different storyline as it shows Heejin getting ready for an audition that could determine her life. It shows her ambition, her talent, her hard work, as well as the support she has in her life. Of course, our personal highlight has to be the cameo of all the ARTMS girls (Haseul, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry).

Everything about ‘Algorithm’ screams Heejin’s name – it has her bright, hopeful aura and empowering energy. And it’s only the first taste of K.


To understand the greatness of K, you also absolutely need to know about the b-sides. Heejin’s first mini-album is an experience on its own. The vibes are cozy yet hopeful and full of comfort. This applies especially to the first b-side: ‘Sad Girls Club.’ And despite its title, we promise it isn’t as sad as it sounds. 

Even though ‘Sad Girls Club’ is the only song in the mini-album that Heejin didn’t get the chance to co-write, it is still very special to us and to her. The song mixes a simple acoustic guitar melody with the same R&B feel we got in ‘Algorithm.’ This song is about supporting someone you love through thick and thin. ‘Sad Girls Club’ is all about friendship, love, and how strong those bonds can be. It feels like a warm hug on a cold day.

‘Video Game’ has to be hands down one of our favorite songs in K. Still very influenced by R&B, this song also mixes pop melodies, and it becomes so easily addictive. We’re the happiest about the fact that she performed this one at her showcase because we just needed a choreography. And it didn’t let us down.

Heejin is an all-rounder, and there’s nothing she can’t do. She’s a dancer, a songwriter, a singer, a performer, and the list goes on. And one of our favorite things about her is her vocals. ‘Nokia’ is for everyone who loves a good pop, acoustic guitar ballad mixed with raw vocals. As Heejin sings about a dying relationship, ‘Nokia’ is the moment where she shows the more emotional side of her voice. However, does pick up with the closing track, ‘Addiction’ – the brightest song in the mini-album. With those R&B vibes we love so much, this is more of a love song that explores the beginning of a crush. And it’s the perfect high in which to close Heejin’s first mini-album.

Heejin’s first mini-album was her chance to show every part of her talent, her personality, and her art. And that’s exactly what she did with K. Heejin shines and owns every word, every step with this release. Our heart is filled with joy, and our playlist is full of her songs.

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Heejin’s first mini-album, K, is out now.

Was ‘Algorithm’ everything you expected to see from Heejin? What’s your favorite track in K? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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