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Loossemble Open Their New Chapter With ‘Sensitive’

Loossemble Open Their New Chapter With ‘Sensitive’

The wait is finally over! Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Gowon, and Hyeju are back together to form Loossemble, and we’re loving everything about it!

After ODD EYE CIRCLE re-debuted earlier in the summer, the second re-debut out of LOONA is here, and we’re dying for it. Loossemble debut with nothing less than an incredible self-titled mini-album, including five b-sides and the title track ‘Sensitive.’ Just to see the girls back in their element is great news enough. But it makes it all better when everything about the release is simply perfect.


‘Sensitive’ is one of the most refreshing songs we’ve had in 2023. It’s fun, bright, and joyful yet feels mature, with hints of a retro feel. To say that the quirky bass line is addictive would be an understatement. Accompanied with a fun drop, ‘Sensitive’ is so catchy and satisfying to listen to. It does help that you can tell that the Loossemble girls are overflowing with confidence in this track, and their voices sound so pretty – they’re truly in their element with ‘Sensitive.’

And would it be a LOONA release if it didn’t come with an amazing music video filled with lore we could decode for days on end? Loossemble’s music video for ‘Sensitive’ has to be one of our favorites – it’s fun and has amazing visuals, but it is also intriguing and captivating. And, of course, it has a killer choreography – it’s LOONA we’re talking about here. We could watch this music video, listen to ‘Sensitive’ on a loop, and still find something new. This is how you know Loossemble are starting their new chapter right.

The B-Sides

Loossemble explore a common theme throughout their mini-album, especially in the b-sides. Most songs talk about a new start, a new beginning, and they’re filled with hope and emotions. Of course, these songs reflect the hardships the girls have been through and their new, better beginning. And the fact that all the b-sides counted with the participation of LOONA members makes them even more special. On top of the English version of ‘Sensitive,’ which we’re obsessed with, we have five incredible b-sides.

‘Real World,’ written by Hyeju, is a laid-back song with a hip-hop beat that uses a sample of George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue.’ It adds a vintage feel to it that makes the song truly special. Vivi and Yeojin wrote ‘Colouring,’ a song that is more influenced by R&B and feels darker than any of the other songs in the mini-album. It takes a turn, however, with ‘Newtopia,’ written by Gowon. It’s the brightest track in Loossemble. It is such a fun and lively song – full of hope and energy.

‘Strawberry Soda’ takes the disco feel to a whole other level. It’s catchy and magical, and a serious boost of serotonin. What makes it even more special is that while no Loossemble member participated in the making of the song, LOONA‘s Yves did – and that’s something we love to see. She nailed it. The track written by Hyunjin, ‘Day By Day,’ closes off Loossemble – without counting the English version of ‘Sensitive.’ It’s bright but has more of a pop-feel to it. The harmonies in the chorus make this such a beautiful song to listen to. It’s impossible to listen to it and not feel emotional. That chorus is so satisfying, magical, and the perfect way to close off such an incredible release.

After all their hardship, it is amazing to see them explore such happiness in their music and express who they are as artists. Loossemble are the second re-debut out of LOONA, and we’re all the way here for this new chapter.

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You can stream Loossemble’s ‘Sensitive’ and their entire mini-album here!

Is ‘Sensitive’ what you were expecting? What is your favorite b-side out of Loossemble’s debut mini-album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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