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DAWN Explores All The Facets of Love In Narcissus

DAWN Explores All The Facets of Love In Narcissus

Three years after his last mini-album, DAWN is back with what could easily be considered his best work yet. Narcissus is real, raw, vulnerable, and shows new sides of DAWN that we were not expecting. With NarcissusDAWN explores different phases of love and different forms of it. With ballads, dance tracks, and so much more, he explores heartbreak, love, and everything in between.

Narcissus is an absolute masterpiece, and everyone should know about it.

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The Title Tracks: ‘Star’ And ‘Heart’

Narcissus begins in quite a poignant way – straight into the saddest song of the entire mini-album. ‘Star’ is one of the two title tracks and a huge highlight in the mini-album. The collaboration with 10cm is genius as their voices blend seamlessly to create this beautiful song. ‘Star’ showcases DAWN’s vocals as he sings about being scared his love ruins who he loves. It’s a raw and truly heartbreaking song. ‘Star’ is the perfect sad song to obsess over for hours.

The second title track of Narcissus is ‘Heart.’ It has a completely different vibe, and instead of highlighting DAWN’s vocals, it highlights the more upbeat side of his artistry. ‘Heart’ has the perfect retro feel to it, along with a dance-pop influence. It portrays a whole other side of love: one where he gets lost in loving his partner.

The Mini-Album: Narcissus

The b-sides in Narcissus are just as special as the title tracks. This release has genuinely not a single skip.

‘I don’t’ is one of the highlights of Narcissus’ b-sides. It mixes dance-pop with an acoustic guitar riff in the pre-chorus and chorus. And it seriously makes it so fun and unique. While the song talks about hardships after a break-up, it has an upbeat rhythm that clashes with the sad part of it. And honestly, it’s a banger.

It’s the first time DAWN releases songs fully in English: ‘Fallin’,’ featuring pH-1, and the closing track, ‘Abyss.’ ‘Fallin” is a chill and laid-back alternative pop song about falling in love. Meanwhile, ‘Abyss’ is an amazing synth-pop track that closes off and embodies Narcissus perfectly. The fifth track out of Narcissus, ‘Seasons,’ features GEMINI. They both blend amazingly to deliver the most upbeat, danceable, and fun song in Narcissus. And probably the catchiest: the chorus is pop excellence.

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‘Memory’ is another stand out of Narcissus. The song features Kim Sawol, and her vocals complement DAWN’s perfectly. The duo sings in this stripped-back song about the back and forth between loving and wanting to walk away and not being able to erase someone no matter how much you try. It’s bittersweet – and it’s awesome. On top of incredible vocals and lyrics, the acoustic guitar and the melodies in this track are just everything.

‘Lullaby’ really holds the feeling of a lullaby, needless to say. It’s a super sweet and comforting piano ballad where DAWN wants to bring love and support to the person he loves. And yes. We cried. ‘Lullaby’ feels like a warm hug on a cold day.

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Narcissus marks such an evolution for DAWN’s music and artistry – and it’s simply incredible. And we’re here for every part of it. This new mini-album was definitely worth the wait, and we won’t get over any of these songs anytime soon. Narcissus is a masterpiece.

Are you more team ‘Heart’ or ‘Star?’ What is your favorite b-side out of DAWN’s Narcissus? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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