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Golden Child ‘Burn It’ Up With Their New Album

Golden Child ‘Burn It’ Up With Their New Album

Goldeness have you recovered from the fantastic comeback Golden Child has given you? No? Neither have we, here at the Honey Pop, these 10 boys know how to positively take our breath away! Golden Child has returned with their fifth mini-album YES. We also go this new lead single ‘Burn It.’ The boys have completed their self-seeking trilogy last year and are now back with a more mature sound. We totally love this concept. Did you know the cinematic music video has a WebToon on Lezhin Comics based on it? You can get the whole story there which takes place before and after the music video. Since the music video ends with the worst cliffhanger ever it is worth a read!

Speaking of the music video, can we talk about how good it is? The story lines are so attention-grabbing, we are not ashamed to admit that we shed a few tears. This zombie-apocalypse scenario feels way too reminiscent of the current times and touched not only our but fans’ hearts. The ten members of Golcha each are fantastic actors and we missed seeing music videos with story lines like that! Make sure you watch, it is so worth it.

The mini-album YES. is a positive message to the dark and chaotic world, which we desperately needed in the first month of 2021. Golden Child challenges an entirely new genre for the group with ‘Burn It.’ The song contains whistle effects and reggaeton melodies. The reggaeton is especially effective in the song’s post-chorus and is absolutely addictive! We love this new Golden Child and haven’t been able to stop listening to this amazing mini-album.

YES. A Light In This Chaotic World

As stated before, the fifth mini-album’s purpose is to reestablish Golden Child’s more mature sound and send a positive message throughout the entirety of the seven tracks. Each of the songs offers Nessies a different aspect to Golden Child’s new sound. And true to their fashion we also get some songs reminiscent of the second generation of K-POP like ‘Round N Round’ or ‘Breathe.’ We are also glad to see Golcha choosing to promote the upbeat track ‘Cool Cool’ alongside ‘Burn It’ on music shows. Looking forward to those live stages! As the entire album is amazing we really hope to see especially ‘Round N Round’ promoted as well, as seems like the perfect single for follow-up promotions. All in all, YES. is top-notch quality from Golden Child again as expected!

Golden Child- Burn It
Image Source: Golden Child via Tumblr

We really meant it when we said that we can’t stop listening to YES. and we hope you give it a listen as well if you haven’t already! If so, what is your favorite song on the mini-album? What did you think about the music video? Do you plan on reading the WebToon? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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