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Here’s How Stray Kids’ Changbin Excels At Everything

Here’s How Stray Kids’ Changbin Excels At Everything

Stray Kids is composed of only multitalented and genius artists, and Changbin is for sure one of them. Changbin is an all-rounder in every single way. With overflowing talent and incredible hard work, Changbin has one of the best mindsets we’ve ever seen. He always pushes through to be the best he can be and influences everyone around him.

From being one of the best rappers in the industry to writing the most heartbreakingly beautiful songs, there is nothing Changbin does not excel at. And we’re here to give him the attention he deserves for it!

His Raps

It is no secret that Changbin is one of the most talented, and simply one of the best, rappers in the industry. An entire new tier should be created just for him. He’s one of the fastest rappers in K-Pop but that’s far from being the only or the main thing that makes him a good rapper.

Changbin has a unique delivery, with every one of his lines full of plays on words and genius lyrics. The impact every single one of his lyrics has is actually insane. It is no surprise that Stray Kids choose to open a lot of their songs with Changbin – because the man knows how to make an entrance, just listen to ‘Thunderous.’ His rap tone could be recognized anywhere. But it isn’t only about the impactful verses but also how varied his raps can be – from aggressive and dark to emotional. There are no words that could measure Changbin’s talent when it comes to rapping.

His Vocals

Changbin’s main position in Stray Kids might be rapper, but it is clearly far from being the only thing he can do. Because Changbin can sing – and very well, at that. Just like his raps, his voice is so recognizable and unique. Not only does he have a beautiful voice, but he knows how to deliver the feeling behind the songs and the lyrics in ways that not many can.

How could we forget when he performed Tablo’s song with Taeyang, ‘Tomorrow?’ Covering both one of the best rappers and one of the best vocalists in the industry. And more recently, Stray Kids’ “Muddy Water unit” – Changbin, Hyunjin, Han and Felix – sang ‘Waiting For Us’ and they all nailed it. Listening to Changbin’s voice singing that song was a blessing.

His Dancing

Changbin is a hidden (not-so-hidden) gem when it comes to dancing. His charisma and stage presence help him own every single performance. But Changbin is not only a performer, he’s a dancer – almost as if he was part of the dance line. He has a way to put his own energy and own style into every single choreography, making each of his moves unique and impactful on their own. Even the members have talked about it multiple times. Not many things are as impactful as Changbin’s “popping” in ‘Maniac.’

Watching Changbin own the stage is something that we could never get tired of.

His Songwriting

If there’s one thing we love the most about Changbin, it has to be his music and the way every single one of his songs never fails to hit.

Changbin is able to write the most impactful and impressive raps like his solo song, ‘DOODLE,’ but he also has a beautiful mind when it comes to slower and more emotional songs. He’s behind songs like ‘Neverending Story,’ ‘Sorry, I Love You,’ ‘Mixtape: On Track,’ and more recently ‘DLC,’ all of which never fail to touch us. And of course, how could we forget ‘Streetlight,’ which still breaks our hearts after all this time?

The way he captures feelings in his melodies and his lyrics is truly something indescribable. He captures hurt, passion, and love in such a beautiful way. He is a genius when writing lyrics and creating music, and he is overflowing with ideas. There is so much in Stray Kids’ discography, both music and ideas, to thank him for. Stray Kids wouldn’t be Stray Kids without Changbin.

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His Humor

Changbin has gone viral more times than we can count at this point. But we never needed that to know he was a comedic genius! Changbin is so witty that it leads to amazing ideas for songs and albums, but it also leads to him being one of the funniest and most charismatic idols out there. From making a pun with NewJeans‘ ‘Oh My God’ which went viral, to creating the “jutdae” meme, Changbin has been all over the internet by now.

Not only is Changbin overflowing with talent and having an amazing mindset, but he is also able to brighten everyone’s day. Changbin is simply a genius on all fronts.

What’s your favorite skill of Changbin? What do you love the most about him? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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