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5 Stray Kids’ Lee Know Fancams That Live Rent-Free In Our Head

5 Stray Kids’ Lee Know Fancams That Live Rent-Free In Our Head

Stray Kids‘ Lee Know is a performer like no other. Every time he steps on stage, he eats it up. Through the years, he has given us nothing but powerful and unforgettable performances. He’s always simply incredible at everything that he does. He was born to be on stage. And there are a million performances where Lee Know shined, and we could re-watch his fancam for hours on end. But these particular five Lee Know fancams are our personal Roman empire.

‘Maniac’ at Music Bank

Maniac‘ was iconic from the very moment it was released – some would argue even before. And its first performance lived up to the expectations. ‘Maniac‘ is one of Stray Kids’ most impactful and iconic performances and choreographies, and Lee Know embodies every part of it so well. Lee Know is a performer, he performs. His styling, his energy on stage, the way he executes every single step perfectly… Yeah… We’ve watched this fancam maybe a bit more times than what is healthy.

‘God’s DU-DDU-DU-DDU’ at Kingdom

And talking about iconic… One of Stray Kids‘ most iconic stages ever had one of their best dance breaks, and that’s one of the many reasons we’re simply obsessed with this Lee Know fancam. If you ever wonder why Lee Know is arguably one of the best dancers in 4th gen – if not K-Pop as a whole – this is why. He’s powerful with every move and catches our eye, even with all these insane things happening on stage all at once. Dancing is really his element. It looks so easy the way he does it, and yet… We couldn’t achieve what he does even in our dreams. We could never get tired of watching him eat up that dance break. 

‘Easy’ at Music Bank

It is undoubtedly no mystery to anyone that Lee Know owns ‘Easy.’ There are no arguments to be made here. It feels like the performance was simply made for him. And to be fair, any ‘Easy‘ fancam could be included in our list because Lee Know owned the stage every single time. However, there is something about Stray Kids‘ ‘Easy’ performance at Music Bank back in 2020 that hits even more. The outfit fits perfectly the performance and highlights how good of a dancer and performer he is. Genuinely, when we say ‘Easy’ was lowkey made for Lee Know, we’re not joking. Just watch this.

‘Taste’ at MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon 2022

While we’ve been looking more at choreographies that fit more hip-hop styles (and that’s something Lee Know excels at), Danceracha‘s songs always tend to go in a different direction with more sensual concepts. It is proof that Lee Know’s dancing skills do not only fit one style – he can do it all. Lee Know ate ‘Taste.’ The choreography, his energy, his vocals… We get chills every single time we even think about it. There was a time in Stayville when we couldn’t scroll for more than a few seconds without seeing a couple seconds-long clip from the concert where Danceracha first performed ‘Taste.’ And once they performed it for everyone to see in HD, it changed lives. Again. No words could explain how powerful ‘Taste‘ Lee Know is – you must see it for yourself.

‘Tiger Inside’ at MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon 2021

And, of course, the fancams to end all fancams. Lee Know’s fancam in ‘Tiger Inside‘ for the 2021 collab with other idols born in 1998 is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. It is still to this day his most watched fancam and listen… We might be responsible for about half of those views. Whether talking about his rap, vocals or dancing, Lee Know gave his absolute everything in this performance and was the star of the show. He performed as if the rent was due, he had to feed six kids and three cats – and we thank him for it. This will forever be one of his best performances ever.

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