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Join cignature’s Eternal Happiness With Us in the Summer!

Join cignature’s Eternal Happiness With Us in the Summer!

We love it when our favorite K-Pop groups release the most refreshing tunes, and cignature has definitely understood the assignment! We’ve been feeling on cloud nine with their latest comeback, Us in the Summer. The EP allows us to have fun with songs about youth and the trials and tribulations we experience as we grow together, such as love and finding our true inner selves.

After listening to the EP on repeat, we got to ask the members on their roundtable about their creative process and how they enjoyed their promotional activities. These girls are ready to make their fans smile with their positivity and their synergy!

Image Source: J9 Entertainment

Us in the Summer perfectly represents the fresh and unique sound that makes cignature’s music so special. The members have worked extremely hard on highlighting their bond by supporting each other while also cheering on their individual charms. Thanks to their bond getting stronger and stronger with every release, cignature has become a group that can rely on one another. They’re a great example of how teamwork makes the dream work!

During this release, I believe we’ve developed a deeper understanding of each other. Now, just by looking into each other’s eyes, we can sense what the others want. We’ve also become more supportive and empowering, even when there are a few shortcomings. The moments when we can uplift each other on stage are when I truly feel our growth as a group.


Image Source: J9 Entertainment

We definitely can feel their amazing friendship through the songs of this comeback! The cignature girlies helped to create the concept for their lovely title track, ‘Smooth Sailing,’ by exchanging diaries and focusing on getting the youthful feelings they wanted to convey with this EP. They wanted us to enjoy their evolution as artists, and we give it a 10/10! Us in the Summer will make you reconnect to that first summer love feeling that gave you butterflies!

This album delves into the pure and innocent love experienced by girls. It explores the feelings of first love, puppy love, and the inner stories of individuals. In a world where expressing love has become somewhat challenging, we aim to help people rediscover their inner innocence through our performances and music, as if they’ve returned to their childhood.


Speaking of ‘Smooth Sailing,’ cignature had the time of their lives recording the music video, and we can see that in their final product! We can’t help but smile when we watch it! We love how the colors of the video match the vibrant summer mood of the title track. The girls truly embodied the bubbly, carefree feel with this song, and we can assure you that you will be singing along 24/7! 🥰

Like the big cignature stans that we are, we’ve been tuning in to their Us in the Summer performances, and we’re in love with their stage presence! The group works so hard to make fantastic memories while they’re singing and dancing together to their fans’ cheers. We love to see how they bring the emotions of this EP to life! The girls have felt like they’ve improved so much while performing, and we definitely agree! It’s always amazing to see cignature shine under the spotlight!

We absolutely love cignature’s connection to their fans! They want to make us happy with this EP, and they’ve definitely earned a permanent spot on our playlists! The group has become our serotonin boost, and we’re so grateful for being able to follow their path as they continue growing with their music. We will keep rooting for them and their uplifting vibes!

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Just like in ‘Smooth Sailing,’ we often showcase the chemistry between our members. We hope that both the public and our fans see cignature as a group that brings happiness just by watching us. That’s the kind of group we aspire to be.


Have you been living on an endless summer with cignature? What’s your favorite track from Us in the Summer? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you want to chat about all things K-Pop, you can join us at our hive on Discord!

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