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Alex Warren, ‘How Could You (Be OK)’ After Breaking Our Hearts With This Song!

Alex Warren, ‘How Could You (Be OK)’ After Breaking Our Hearts With This Song!

Consider this article our strongly worded letter to Alex Warren about his newest release. No, scratch that. His newest work of art. We really shouldn’t be surprised; Alex has been slaying the music game since 2021. Why would that stop now? ‘How Could You (Be OK)’ has left us actually spiraling, so let’s talk about it.

First Of All, How Dare You?

With songs like ‘Chasing Shadows’ and ‘Change Your Mind’ under his belt, it’s no shock that this song is soul-crushing and bone-chilling. Alex was kind enough to tease the song through his multiple social media platforms, yet we still weren’t ready. Everything about this song is marked down in The Honey POP’s ‘sad girl era’ column.

How Could You (Be Ok)’ is a personal story about an ex-girlfriend of mine who ended up cheating on me with my best friend.

-Alex Warren On ‘How Could You (Be OK)

How Are We Supposed To ‘Live Laugh Love?’

How on Earth are we supposed to ‘live, laugh, love’ under the conditions Alex Warren has just put us under? This song has altered our brain chemistry, probably for the better, but it’s changed nonetheless. It’s like every time he releases a new song; we have to seatbelt ourselves in for the crying session that immediately follows.

This song came from a place of deep emotional pain and the confusion that comes with building a life with someone who’s able to just throw it all away and move on with no remorse. I hope this song can help people that have gone through something similar get that much closer to the closure that they’re looking for and realize they’re not as alone as they might feel right now.

-Alex Warren on ‘How Could You (Be OK)’

As If The Song Wasn’t Iconic Enough…

One of our favorite things about Alex Warren‘s music videos is that you can play a little game while watching them. In almost every video of his, at least one of his friends is in the video, and this video features the one and only Ryan Duggan!

If you watch Alex’s iconic Snapchat stories (obviously, we watch them all), you’ll recognize Ryan, who actually helped produce the video! Honestly, we think this friend group is purely iconic, and if they’re looking for new additions, The Honey POP also happens to be a little iconic. (We’re just saying!)

If you haven’t watched this masterpiece, we got you covered!

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Whether you’re new to Alex Warren or you’ve been listening since the start, it’s clear to all of us here at The Honey POP that he makes music for the masses. We love every song he’s ever released and every song he hasn’t. We didn’t get to go to his first-ever headline tour (yes, we cried about it), but you can believe we will be at the next one!

Have you heard ‘How Could You (Be OK)?’ Are you absolutely in love with it? What’s your favorite Alex Warren track? Did you get to go to his tour? If so, how was it!? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You could even join us on Discord, where all the fun begins!


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