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Rising Star Roundup

Did You Miss Rising Star Roundup? We Sure Missed You!

Rising Star Roundup is back! We missed it so!

Pack Your Bags, We’re Following Scream VI To NYC!

Time to take a stab at the Big Apple!

We’ve Been ‘DANCING ALL ALONE’ In Our Rooms Listening To Clinton Kane’s New Song!

Is it still dancing all alone if there’s over 100 of us?

We’ve Spent All Night Thinking About Sebastian Yatra’s ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar!’

This song is on a loop in our heads.

We’re Here To Tell You 5 Of Our Favorite Tyler Posey Songs!

We’re clearly big fans of his work!

Here’s A Few Things We Love About Gracie Abrams To Prepare You For Her Debut Album Good Riddance!

Mark Your Calendars! Good Riddance out February 24th!

We Know We Will Never Forget The Ones You Forgot After Their New Song ‘Enjoy The Ride!’

If you think we would ever forget The Ones You Forgot, you’re wrong!

Make Way For Miley Cyrus, 2023 Is Here, And Her New Single Is On Its Way!

The new year is here, and so is the new Miley!

Taylor Swift Has Broken The Honey POP And Records! Midnights Has Destroyed Us!

Midnights. Changed. Us.

Rising Star Roundup

Rising Star Roundup: It’s That Time Again!

We think you’ll love this batch!