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Alex Warren, We Need To Talk About The ‘Give You Love’ Music Video!

Alex Warren, We Need To Talk About The ‘Give You Love’ Music Video!

We need to have a deep, personal conversation with Alex Warren. When we said we wanted a ‘Give You Love’ music video, we didn’t know that by the end of it, we would be on the floor bawling our eyes out. You and Lewis Capaldi have a gift for making The Honey POP cry with a simple music video, and this is becoming unfair!

Image Source: Ryan Simmons

This Music Video Is Heartbreaking!

When we first saw on Alex’s Snapchat that he, his fiancé Kouvr Annon, and their friend Ryan Simmons were going to his hometown to remake the ‘Give You Love’ music video, we thought, “Oh! This is gonna be a cute video!” While we were partially right, what we didn’t expect was this beautiful song and couple were going to crush our souls!

As the music video plays, we’re taken alongside Alex and Kouvr and their love story. The video talks about their troubles with long distance, and homelessness. We spent the entire 3 minutes and 4 seconds sobbing. The entire video. Whether it was from cuteness overload or loneliness, we will never know. 

Image Source: Ryan Simmons

A Quick Pitstop To Give A Shoutout To Ryan Simmons!

A shoutout is required for the videographer for this video! Not only is he a killer videographer, but he’s also a close friend of Alex and Kouvr! We like to think that the relationship the three have is what made the video just that much more real. We’re hoping to see what comes next!

On top of the video itself, Ryan also blessed us with some iconic photos to go alongside all the ‘Give You Love’ promo! If you tell us you aren’t obsessed with the camera work in this video, you’re lying. Ryan Simmons, Alex Warren, and Kouvr Annon is a trio we can get behind. Ryan, we tip our hat to you!

Image Source: Ryan Simmons

Alex, You’ve Done It Again!

When we were first introduced to you with ‘One More I Love You,’ we knew you were going to blow us all away. The love you put into each and every one of your songs is so apparent! You have such a gift, and we are honored that you choose to share it with all of us!

Speaking of sharing, Alex made a trend on TikTok that surrounds ‘Give You Love!’ You can definitely find some of us here at The Honey POP under the sound, so why not join us? We’ll even link Alex’s to inspire you!


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The ‘Give You Love’ music video has given us life and a lot of feels at the same time. How Alex Warren manages to amaze us vocally and then hit us with a video, who knows. All we know, is that we love this video, no matter how much we cried. You know we’re gonna drop the video down below so you can cry with us. It’s in our nature!

Have you had the chance to listen to ‘Give You Love?’ What do you think of the music video? Do you love Kouvr and Alex as much as we do? Did their love story warm your heart as it did ours? You can answer down below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also catch us on Discord, where we talk all things fangirl!


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