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Get Ready To Give All Your Love To Alex Warren After You Hear His Newest Single ‘Give You Love!’

Get Ready To Give All Your Love To Alex Warren After You Hear His Newest Single ‘Give You Love!’

If you read this week’s edition of Rising Star Roundup, you already know we have been waiting for this day to come! (And if you didn’t read it, you totally should because we feature some of the coolest artists ever!) Alex Warren has released ‘Give You Love,’ and it is more than we ever could’ve asked for. 

The moment this song dropped onto our Spotify, you can best believe we moved faster than Barry Allen himself to give it a listen! Let’s just say we got so excited there might’ve been an injury or two. (Many cases of broken hearts, many, many cases.)

Image Source: Ryan Simmons

What’s Behind The Meaning?

If you follow Alex Warren on any social media at all, you’ll know that he recently got engaged to his girlfriend of nearly 5 years! Congratulations to the beautiful pair! Speaking of this adorable couple, Kouvr happens to be the inspiration behind this beautifully gut-wrenching track! (Everyone say thank you, Kouvr!)

In every relationship, I gave it my all and let people in just to get hurt each time. This record was a plea to my now-fiancée, hoping that when we met, what I felt was reciprocated, and she wouldn’t betray or throw away my love. This was me telling her that what I’d been through makes it difficult to fully let her in, but at the same time, I still had hope this would be different, which it was.

Alex Warren on the inspo for ‘Give You Love’


I proposed to my best friend.

♬ original sound – Alex warren

Our Bee Brains Are Buzzing!

From the promo Alex did for this track, we immediately knew this song was going to be amazing. What we didn’t know was that it was going to have us laying on the floor, bawling our eyes out. It was like watching a rom-com movie, and you get to the part where the main character asks the love interest to fight for her. Speaking of rom-coms, can we get this song on a soundtrack, please and thank you?

The whole song was obviously perfection, but can we take a minute to discuss some of these lyrics? Here are our top 3, without a doubt:

“Daylight in the morning, waking up at your place / Should’vе come with a warning / I’m in a delicate state” This might be the Swiftie sneaking through, and we love it!

“Darling, would you let me fall / Know that I’ve been, I’ve been through it all / But before I go / Give you all of me / I need to know you give it everything” This?? Bridge?? Hello??

“Put it on a shelf like everybody else until it’s collecting dust / And if it’s yours to break, would you keep it safe?” Truer words have never been spoken, Mr. Warren.

From the first verse to the final chorus, Alex Warren had us captivated by his vocals and his ability to tell our stories through his own. ‘Give You Love’ gives us here at The Honey POP what we in the fangirl world like to call: the feels. If you didn’t stan Alex before this (firstly, what is wrong with you?), you will after this song!

Image Source: Ryan Simmons

But Wait, There’s More!

Remember how we were telling you that Alex and Kouvr give us great couple content? Well, that won’t be stopping any time soon! After the original music video was filmed, Alex and Kouvr set out with their friend Ryan Simmons, who happens to be the credit for all these amazing photos, and they filmed a video of their own in Alex’s hometown! (Can they get more iconic?)

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From the small clips we’ve seen of this video, we know it is going to leave us crying on the floor in desperate need of some Phish Food. So on Monday, when the video drops, feel free to join us in our sobbing circle. We can all eat ice cream and have a crying session while we watch it! We have a feeling we’re gonna need it.

Image Source: Ryan Simmons

Alex Warren, We Love You!

We love seeing how much love artists have for their music, and Alex’s love for his craft is so apparent. Not only does he tell us how much he loves what he does, but he lets that passion shine through in his songs, and we think that’s what makes us love him so much! Alex, save us a seat in the front row on your tour!

Whether you’re new to the gift that is Alex Warren and his music, or you just came to fangirl with us about the release of ‘Give You Love,’ you should definitely be giving Alex all your love on this song! Stream it wherever you stream your music, and come Monday, let’s watch the music video and cry together!

Have you heard ‘Give You Love’ yet? Are you new to Alex’s music? What has been your favorite song he’s released? What’s your favorite lyric of this new track? You can answer these questions in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also find us on Discord, where we obsess over everything pop culture!


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