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‘When We Were Younger’ EP By grentperez Is The ‘Silver Lining’ Of June!

‘When We Were Younger’ EP By grentperez Is The ‘Silver Lining’ Of June!

The release of the When We Were Younger EP by grentperez is the ‘silver lining’ of June. And trust us, we’re not exaggerating. Everyone and their pets have been anticipating this EP, and now it’s finally here. Imagine the Golden Era of Hollywood and rom-coms colliding in a music studio. The result is When We Were Younger! It’s a timeless EP with quirky lyrics and an endearing charm. The project is filled with memorable moments and hidden gems.

Here are five lyrics from the EP that have us ‘stuck on’ grentperez.

‘When We Were Younger’

“Asking, ‘Where did the time go?’ It used to move so slow”

The When We Were Younger EP was inspired by grentperez’ childhood and seamlessly transports all listeners back in time by mastering the nostalgic sounds of the 90s with the singer’s signature Bossa Nova style. The relatability and universal truth behind these words tugged our heartstrings and reminded us of the naivety of youth. This song beautifully carries a raw but sweet sound that we can’t (and don’t want to) get out of our heads.

‘Old With You’

“Well, if I ever grow old (old with you), I’m needing your hand to hold”

At The Honey POP, we love how quirky this lyric is. It’s as if grentperez is playfully convincing us all that growing old is impossible, or at least that’s how it feels when you’re young. It’s also very endearing that he only comes to accept aging if he can share it with a lover. Grentperez’s storytelling is truly remarkable and offers a fresh perspective on having a young heart.

‘Us Without Me’

“Why do I fade into that heart of yours? ‘Cause you still hold a spot in mine”

This lyric progresses the theme of this EP and its overarching message as it reflects the journey of life and the maturity of emotions that come with it. Don’t worry, grentperez, your music will always hold a big safe spot in our hearts! Particularly, this lyric captures the raw emotions of a breakup and exposes the unanswerable questions that even adults struggle to deal with. It’s an honest reminder of the power of loving someone.

‘Silver Lining’

“Even if our stars don’t end up aligning. There’s a silver lining between. I’m just happy that I once held you close”

Yep, those are tears streaming from our eyes. As the EP continues and it takes us through the different milestones of life, it also delivers extremely important messages. This lyric reminds listers to maintain a positive perspective on lost love or friendship. Ultimately, it encourages us to acknowledge and appreciate the significance of everyone who has come, gone, and stayed in our lives.

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“I remember how you taught me to turn your heart into a home”

This line truly speaks for itself and leaves us very content as we enter the final verses of the album. It’s a takeaway message we will truly never forget. This lyric made our heart ache and long at the same time. We didn’t even know that was possible! This album takes us on a journey and ultimately comes to a close with acceptance and wisdom from lessons learned throughout your youth.

What is your favorite lyric from the When We Were Younger EP? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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