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Travis Japan Moving Pieces EP: 4/4 Complete!

Travis Japan Moving Pieces EP: 4/4 Complete!

Travis Japan Moving Pieces EP

The waiting game is over! After turning our hearts into ‘Moving Pieces’ last May, Travis Japan has now fully released the Moving Pieces EP, putting together four absolutely amazing songs into one ecstatic treat! Along with ‘Moving Pieces,’ the EP also includes the songs ‘Keep On Smiling,’ ‘Still on a journey,’ and ‘Charging!’ which has a lyric video available.

A month after the success of their ‘Moving Pieces’ single, our favorite Japanese idols are at it again, making the world better with their music! We can’t stop loving the new EP here at the hive, and we know you will love it as much as we do! Listen to Travis Japan’s no-skip Moving Pieces EP here.

Of course, we can’t move forward without talking about the four songs!

‘Moving Pieces’

The stylish yet cool song creates a good combination together with its sultry dance moves, showing us a different side of Travis Japan from their debut song. In ‘Moving Pieces,’ we can hear and see a more charismatic Travis Japan, allowing us to see them express a sexy yet fascinating concept! Moreover, the chill track doesn’t just introduce but also describes and etches the group and their specialty: dancing. 

Last May, we rated the song by colors, and you can check it out here. You can also watch the music video below!


When talking about a fun yet relaxing mix of music, raise your volume to a hundred because ‘Charging’ is going to power you up! It is the warmth of the first sunshine and the goodness of summer fit and made into an almost 4-minute song. So, let us close our eyes. And let it take us to a brand new day with its melodious tune and sweet lyrics!

Here is the colorful and creative lyric video of ‘Charging.’

‘Still on a journey’

Travis Japan takes us on a voyage as they perfectly capture the emotions of being ‘Still on a journey.’ The song evokes embarking on a journey with the music’s grand start and the members’ sweet voices. In this track, Travis Japan’s hues are vivid, singing and expressing themselves on spreading wings and pursuing dreams.

Let us all take a step and continue aiming for our dreams, because we are all ‘Still on a journey!’

Image Source: Keisuke Nakashima

‘Keep On Smiling’

Travis Japan’s first EP doesn’t let us down as the final song made us ‘Keep On Smiling.’ The combination of different sounds makes the music fun to vibe with, while the lyrics make our hearts beat more for Travis Japan. We are sure that you, honey bees, will keep on smiling as your heads bop along this track. It is so, so good!

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From the ‘Moving Pieces’ single, a 1/4 of the Moving Pieces EP, to 4/4 complete! We cannot deny that each song on the EP is a bop. It is a love potion that makes us fall even deeper for Travis Japan’s talents and charms. And we can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

How do you find Travis Japan’s Moving Pieces EP? Share your favorite song with us through the comment section below! We would also love to hear your thoughts through Twitter or Instagram.

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  • Thank you so much for wonderful article about Travis Japan!! I really enjoyed it !
    I love this sentence that “From the ‘Moving Pieces’ single,a 1/4 of the Moving Pieces EP, to 4/4 complete!
    I love all of their songs ,but especially “Keep On Smiling”! This song always makes me happy!!
    Thank you!!

  • Thank you so much wonderful article of Travis Japan and “Moving Pieces EP”!
    I really enjoyed it !!
    I liked the sentence that “It is a love potion that makes us fall even deeper for Travis Japan’s talents and charms.” !
    Because I always think so !!
    Of course I love every Travis Japan’s songs!! But if I were mention one “Keep On Smiling”!! This song always makes me smile!!
    Thank you!!

    • I totally understand~ “Keep On Smiling” really has that magic!! plus it is TraJa <33 Thank you too^^

  • Thank you so much! for your much love article about Travis Japan. And we can connect various platforms that connecting to them and their new pieces. I agree with you “making the world better with their music!” Thank you!

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