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Travis Japan’s ‘Moving Pieces:’ Rated By Colors!

Travis Japan’s ‘Moving Pieces:’ Rated By Colors!

If we’re going to talk about awesome, fun, and ‘moving pieces,’ Travis Japan is topping up the list! From their catchy songs to their oh-so-good dance execution, our Japanese group captivates audiences and proves they are the real deal. And exuding different charms, Travis Japan members – Noel, Shime, Shizu, Umi, Chaka, Machu, and Genta – made sure to make us jive with ‘Moving Pieces,’ their new music release.

Moving Pieces’ is a stylish and velvety track featuring a harmonious combination of traditional and new dance-pop music elements and, of course, the star of the song – the complementing vocals of the members. Giving the track a boost, it also came out with a music video showing both warm and cold visuals and psychedelic elements! Check it out below.

White: Such A Perfection!

Known for their synchronization and attention-catching performances, Travis Japan undeniably served as they danced to ‘Moving Pieces,’ which was choreographed by Travis Payne, who also helped in the formation of the group. Their movements are a hundred!

Pink: Oh, The Tenderness

The boys’ singing style in ‘Moving Pieces’ showed how they sing smoothly and softly, acing the overall texture of the track. We said, “Music to our ears!” and all thanks to Poo Bear, who guided and coached them in singing.

Yellow: Like The Enthusiasm~

The lyrics live on our minds rent-free, and we are convinced to keep moving and not miss a beat. Can you keep up with us? “So many moving pieces!” Take note: Poo Bear also wrote and produced the song. 

Green: A Package Of Harmony

Warning: A lowkey spoiler ahead because we need to talk about the harmony of the music video to the song, the choreography, and Travis Japan! The direction of the music video – applying a one-take shot at the beginning, the treatment for the verse after the post-chorus, the psychedelic moving pieces, and even the warm imagery for the music video towards the end – is brilliant and thus supports the song, dance, and the members’ charisma.

Red: That’s Fire Burning Passion For Us!

Of course, with every detail and movement the boys make, we can feel their burning passion for singing and performing. We can say it unleashes the tiger within TraJa!

Orange: Matching Activeness

‘Moving Pieces,’ an elegant and unique pop song, the members made sure to express appropriate groove and energy to convey their new release.

Blue: Confidence Is Hot

With Travis Japan’s styling and the heart that they have for their craft, they shone individually and as a group with their hues. They also topped it up with confidence and made summer hotter and better!

Well, Travis Japan will not just drop a bop and leave! On June 5, the group will also release an EP, including two songs titled, ‘Charging!’ and ‘Still on A Journey.’ So, let us all stay tuned, and wait for Travis Japan to add some more hues to our lives.

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Back in 2022, Travis Japan dazzled and enchanted global audiences with their remarkable and snappy stage performance of Yume no Hollywood (‘My Dreamy Hollywood’) in America’s Got Talent. A few months later, they graced the music industry with their Billboard Global Ex. US Chart-topping debut single, ‘Just Dance’! Watch the music video below, and let us indulge in over 3 minutes of dopamine boost, pure happiness, and dancing!

What do you think of ‘Moving Pieces?’ Are you also one with the beat, jamming like us? Keep up with Travis Japan, and share your insights below or interact with us through Twitter or Instagram!

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