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It’s Always Magic Hour With Kep1er

It’s Always Magic Hour With Kep1er

If there’s one thing Kep1er knows how to do, it’s deliver perfect polished K-pop! Now, the girl group is back with their 5th mini-album, and they’re better than ever before. Magic Hour is here, and we couldn’t be happier to have more Kep1er in our lives and on our playlists!

We’ve been celebrating all things Kep1er since they debuted, and their growth continues to impress us. They have clearly found their groove when it comes to releasing refreshing title tracks alongside intricate b-sides! The fact that Kep1er have managed to evolve each era from ‘WA DA DA’ blows our minds. Magic Hour is the next step on that journey, and we’re just happy to be along for the ride.


Kep1er really leans into the magical side of things with ‘Galileo!’ The song is a quintessential Kep1er title track, by which we mean it’s catchy, it’s cute, and it’s making our hearts melt. We gotta highlight how stunning the vocals are in the bridge, and that dance break is out of this world!

We love the MV concept of the members running in and out of artworks and frames, but if you ask us, they are the art. The styling in this era is gorgeous, and is it just us, but does Kep1er seem more confident than ever? We say, “Look at my heart,” and it’s just filled with Kep1er right now.


The first B-side on Magic Hour is ‘The Door.’ As we know, Kep1er is usually all things bright and refreshing, but is that a little 90s hip-hop influence we hear in the pre-chorus? Kep1er’s ability to switch things up like that before going back to 00s pop is exactly what makes their talents so underrated if you ask us!

Next up is ‘Love On Lock,’ which is also the perfect way to describe how Kep1er keeps us. This track features our fave rap verses on the album, and the intergalactic, futuristic vibes of debut Kep1er are back in this one!

Unit Tracks

Magic Hour is the gift that keeps on giving, as we also got unit tracks from Kep1er! ‘Tropical Light’ is sung by Yujin, Xiaoting, Yeseo, and Youngeun and is a gorgeous, laid-back acoustic number. The dreamy harmonies are yet another example of how Kep1er are so underrated as vocalists!

Album closer and second unit track ‘TAPE’ features Mashiro, Hiyyih, Chaehyun, Dayeon, and Hikaru. The intro has huge (First) impact, and the grit to the song makes ‘TAPE’ feel lightyears away from ‘Tropical Light.’ It’s the perfect finale for a no-skip mini-album!

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And if Kep1er gifting us with these sub-units wasn’t enough, it looks like we’re also getting music videos for both tracks! The members revealed they’d filmed these in the first episode of Kep1erving, and now we’re on tenterhooks waiting for that official announcement!

We couldn’t be happier to have more Kep1er in our lives! They’re such rays of sunshine, and we’re so enamored with this comeback! What do you think of Kep1er’s Magic Hour? Is this your fave mini-album so far? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

And we’ve got your back if you need more Kep1er coverage in your life!


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