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We’re Completely Obsessed With ‘i do, Do You?’ By Kep1er, Are You?

We’re Completely Obsessed With ‘i do, Do You?’ By Kep1er, Are You?

It’s true what they say, you know? Time really does FLY-BY when you’re having fun, and we’re always having fun when it’s Kep1er comeback time! Our fave girls are fresh off their huge rookie year and finally gifting Kep1ians with their first comeback in 2023, and their second Japanese one. Kep1er’s single FLY-BY features title track ‘i do, Do You?’ and we’re in love with it. You should be, too.

‘i do, Do You?’

Kep1er always give us the bright, sunshine-y energy we need, and that certainly didn’t change with the release of ‘i do, Do You?!’ The track begins with a gorgeous bass riff, and the energy only gets better from there. The production is heavily influenced by the disco trend that we see so often in K-Pop. Furthermore, the aesthetics are the quintessential Y2K K-Pop vibe too!

If streaming ‘i do, Do You?’ and watching the music video on repeat isn’t enough for you, then don’t worry; we’ve still got you covered. Kep1er’s dance practice video for ‘i do, Do You?’ is as sweet as can be! Their personalities really come through in this track; we swear that every time we learn more about these nine girls, we just love them more and more.


Continuing on from their first Japanese single, FLY-UP, our girls Kep1er followed it up with FLY-BY – Special Edition – and ‘i do, Do You?’ isn’t the only track they gifted us with. The album also has Japanese versions of hits ‘We Fresh,’ ‘MVSK,’ and a remixed Japanese version of the unrivaled ‘WA DA DA.’ And that’s not the end of it! They also blessed us with ‘tOgether fOrever,’ which is maybe Kep1er’s cutest song yet.

‘tOgether fOrever’ is a song all about Kep1er’s love for each other and their fans, so we’re already desperate to see them perform the track IRL. Luckily for us, and especially Japanese Kep1ians, Kep1er are going on a Japanese concert tour! The shows hit Tokyo on May 20th and 21st, Aichi on June 2nd and 3rd, and finally, Hyogo on June 10th and 11th! We’re already praying that ‘tOgether fOrever’ is not only on the setlist, but closes the whole show.

With this release and the concert series, we hope that Kep1er’s 2023 is just beginning and that we’ll have even more to look forward to this year. For a start, they were just announced as part of the K.FLEX lineup in Germany later this year, so European Kep1ians have something to look forward to after their set at HallyUPopFest in London last year!

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Kep1ians! What are your thoughts on ‘i do, Do You?’ We wanna hear all your thoughts on what you’re expecting from Kep1er’s 2023 after ‘i do, Do You?!’ Hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your thing, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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