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‘My Gosh,’ NMIXX Have Stolen Our Hearts Again With Expérgo!

‘My Gosh,’ NMIXX Have Stolen Our Hearts Again With Expérgo!

The cover art for NMIXX's Expérgo mini-album.

NSWERs, this is not a drill! NMIXX have finally released their first-ever mini-album, Expérgo, and we honestly don’t know how we were able to live without it. Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin have been stealing our hearts since their debut in February 2022, but we think they’ve really outdone themselves on this project, delivering six songs that truly showcase the best parts of their talents.

Expérgo is Latin for “awaken,” and if you’re not an NMIXX fan already, we know this mini-album will be able to convince you. Here’s a rundown of each song on the project and what makes these tracks so special!

‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’

NMIXX gifted us with ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ earlier this month as a pre-release single to get us hyped up for Expérgo, and it totally worked! ‘YDS’ is a cute little bop that’s been stuck in our heads on an infinite loop since we first heard it. It’s definitely one of their catchiest songs so far, thanks in part to a little interpolation of the ‘Frère Jacques’ nursery rhyme on the chorus. This track is just a breath of fresh, cheerful air, and it’s impossible not to be happy while you listen!

“I may be clueless, but I feel confident, feel so cool…”

‘Love Me Like This’

We knew we’d stan ‘Love Me Like This’ as soon as we heard the title, honestly. It’s such an interesting take on NMIXX’s mixxpop concept, blending pop, R&B, and hip-hop so seamlessly while giving us a unique edge that we haven’t quite seen from the girls before. It feels nostalgic and futuristic at the same time! Jiwoo and Bae really get to shine on this track, wowing us more than ever. And we love the reference to Kyujin’s iconic “big wave” line from ‘DICE’ on the second verse! 

“Iron-made heart, make a pretty flower bloom in it
Make it rain in the desert…”


Our initial thought when we heard ‘PAXXWORD’ is that it sounds like a cross between Pentatonix and aespa – two of our favorite groups alongside NMIXX, so we were stoked! Throughout the song, the girls compare getting to know a crush to trying to figure out someone’s password, which is such a unique metaphor. The vocal harmonies on this track are so unreal, and the chorus is so cute and fun. We really hope to see the girls promote this song so it gets a shining moment! 

“There’s nothing else but this, right now, I’m logging into you…”

‘Just Did It’

Making what might just be the song of the year? NMIXX just did it! This track has such an incredible energy and it’s absolutely mesmerizing, capturing the adrenaline of a new relationship so well. We love the sass on this track, especially during Lily’s part of the second chorus, and the confidence each of the girls exudes. The melody has been stuck in our heads ever since the first time we listened! 

“I waited for so long, a fairytale-like rendezvous
I won’t doubt and now I’ll look for you…”

‘My Gosh’

If your favorite set of Expérgo concept photos was the Amor set, then there’s a good chance that ‘My Gosh’ will be your favorite track on the mini-album! It has such cool, chill vibes for summer (like the Amor photos) and we can’t wait to blast this song driving around on a sunny day. Not gonna lie, it feels like ‘COOL (Your rainbow)’ just got a more mellow younger sister. We especially adore Sullyoon’s airy vocals here and Jiwoo’s sweet rap about the beginning of a blossoming romance. 

“The dream I had where I was drifting away on my own in the dark
When I met you, the blinding light is now my light…”

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Ever since their debut, NMIXX have felt like home to us, so we were really looking forward to hearing ‘HOME!’ This was the perfect ending track for Expérgo, and the production is just immaculate – we haven’t stopped thinking about that spiraling noise on the pre-chorus or the 808 that booms throughout the track. Kyujin’s confidence and Haewon’s vocals really stand out on this song, and it also seems to tie into their lore and Mixxtopia concept! Mixxtopia, a land of dreams without limits, seems to be the “world with more freedom” that they mention.

“A world with more freedom is calling out for us, look, look
Come and wake up, no time to chill…”

Oh ‘My Gosh,’ How We Love NMIXX! 

Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin have blown our minds yet again! We had high hopes for this mini-album and Expérgo managed to exceed every single expectation we had. From the fun concepts to the stunning vocals and raps, this is NMIXX at their boldest and shiniest! They’ve grown so much since their debut and we’re majorly proud of them. There’s not a single moment on this project that we don’t love…

And if you love Expérgo as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear that NMIXX is taking it on tour throughout the U.S. and Asia! This will be the girls’ first time touring the U.S. and we’re absolutely stoked to see what the shows bring. The Nice To Mixx You showcase tour will stop in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Brooklyn, Bangkok, and Manila throughout May and June, so keep your eye on Ticketmaster when tickets go on sale on March 28th.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

What are your favorite tracks from Expérgo? Are you hoping to get tickets to NMIXX’s Nice To Mixx You showcase tour? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more sweet NMIXX content while we wait for their tour to start, click here.


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