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Stan IVE? ‘Either Way,’ Here Are 4 Songs To Get You Hyped For I’VE MINE

Stan IVE? ‘Either Way,’ Here Are 4 Songs To Get You Hyped For I’VE MINE

Simply put, IVE are on top of the world right now! Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo are some of the most talented idols on the music scene, and they’ve been getting the flowers they so rightfully deserve. They blessed us with their debut album, I’ve IVE, back in April, and now they’re soundtracking our fall with their first EP, I’VE MINE! It comes out on October 13th, and we’ve marked every single calendar in our possession. Phone, tablet, laptop, you name it. Gotta be prepared!

But speaking of being prepared, your playlists should already be primed with IVE songs to get you excited for this new era! Whether you’re a longtime fan or you’re new to their music, you’ll love these recs, and so will your ears. Let’s dive into IVE!

‘Either Way’

Can’t wait to hear what the girls have in store for us on I’VE MINE? Don’t worry, you don’t have to! They’ve released ‘Either Way,’ one of the EP’s three title tracks, as a pre-release single, and it’s safe to say we’ve all had it on repeat since then. It’s such a powerful song about shrugging off mean words from others and recognizing what makes you special. “Either way, you’re good,” they sing, reminding us to focus on the positives in life and stay true to who we are. IVE are always inspiring us to reach for our goals and believe in ourselves, and ‘Either Way’ does that in such a gorgeous, thoughtful way.

The music video has a positive message as well, highlighting how hate and negativity can affect us. As IVE sing about misconceptions people have, some shots show the members crying before deciding to shed their doubt and enjoy their lives regardless. They eventually find themselves in a glittering room full of party decorations that symbolizes hope and kindness, having fun and choosing to focus on the brighter parts of life and their dreams. 

‘I AM’

As excited as we are for a new IVE era, it’s a little bittersweet saying goodbye to their ‘I AM’ chapter! With nine music show wins and millions of streams worldwide, it was such a memorable moment for the girls and DIVEs around the world. It’s a song all about knowing your worth and not stopping until you make your dreams a reality, which is so empowering to sing along to.

‘My Satisfaction’

And the category is… underrated b-sides! ‘My Satisfaction’ is the ultimate confidence booster – seriously, listen to it when you’re feeling down, and your mood will do a total 180. “I make myself shine, look at me now,” the girls insist. This song is one of the best examples of just how bright they really shine!


Finally, we couldn’t make this list without IVE’s iconic debut! ‘ELEVEN’ was more than just a debut – it was a true cultural reset that proved our girls were destined to become one of the biggest acts in K-Pop. This song hasn’t left our rotation once since it came out in 2020, and we’re determined to keep it that way. Can you blame us?

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Which of these IVE songs is your favorite? Which track from the I’VE MINE EP are you claiming? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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