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INTERVIEW: We Don’t Feel ‘BLUE’ When little image Is Around!

INTERVIEW: We Don’t Feel ‘BLUE’ When little image Is Around!

We are back with another interview and this time it is with the incredible, little image! If you aren’t familiar with them, let us get you up to speed. little image is a three-piece band from Dallas, Texas and they are on our Ones To Watch list. We are so happy that we had the chance to sit down with them and learn more about their creative process, their relationship with one another, and their new song, ‘BLUE!’

So without further ado, let’s get into this interview… 🙂

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The Interview

Hello! Thank you so much for chatting with us today. For our first question, could you give a brief intro about yourselves? 
Troy: Thank you so much for having us. We are a 3-piece alternative band from Dallas, Texas. We all met in high school over the internet while fanning over each other’s music/playing. We have been best friends ever since and love what we get to do together.

The pandemic allowed you to reflect a bit more and have time to create your early singles, ‘WORTH IT’ and ‘EGO.’ What would you say is the most important thing you learned during the pandemic and the years since?
Jack: We wrote those songs pre-pandemic, right before the world shut down. We had just come off a tour that was pretty straining on our relationships with one another and a week later is when the pandemic started. I would say the most important thing we learned during that time was how to communicate with each other from afar and learn to love and appreciate each other and our differences, which is something we were lacking at the time. We’ve been through a lot together and having that time to reflect and reimagine things for ourselves was very important for us. 

‘LUNGS BURN’ is your last release and we are obsessed with the production of the song. How involved are you in that side of the creative process and what is something that you have learned while creating music for little image? 
Brandon: Thank you so much for that! The three of us produce music individually, so we always have a heavy hand in production. We sort of “get there” together with our producer in the studio as a collaborative effort. Chad helped bring in a lot of analog sweetness to ‘LUNGS BURN,’ and we blended that with the bones of the original demo. We’ve learned a lot, but mostly to trust. It can be hard when you have a concrete idea and want to see it through, but our best work has come from allowing someone else to come in with the jackhammer and spend the time arranging the pieces together.

You’ve gotten to partner with Chad Copelin, who is an incredible producer. How has that relationship allowed you to grow musically and do you have any fond memories of being in the studio with Chad that you would want to share? 
Troy: Living in a world where most hit songs are made on a laptop, we feel it is really important to still create in a genuine studio environment where things are moving and breathing. Chad was kind enough to partner up with us in finishing our record and that is just the way he works. His producing wisdom along with the amazing world of sounds and the gear he has really brought the album to a new place.

Chad’s studio is tucked away in the middle of Oklahoma with not much to do so, this really forces you to focus on the process and details rather than what there is to do surrounding the studio. Looking back, some of our favorite memories involved the simplicity of going to the one breakfast place in town and starting the day together before diving in.

The music video for ‘LUNGS BURN’ seemed like it was fun to film! How was that process for y’all and do you have any fun stories you would want to share from the days you filmed it? 
Jack: It was a wild experience. We pretty much locked ourselves in a film studio for 4 days straight before going and doing the outside shots. It was originally supposed to be a simple visualizer but with the push of our wonderful director Sawyer Skipper, we dug deeper and found a way to create something with a more profound and important message. Every day felt like we were writing a new song but in video form. 

‘EGO’ has to be one of our favorite music videos we’ve seen in the past couple of years. How involved are you in the creative process behind your music videos? And what is your favorite part of creating the visuals for your music? 
Brandon: Visuals are so important to us, and the world we want our music to live in is specific. It took the right team to make that happen, which I attribute to Troy. He rounded up such a great crew which has now become the dream team –  legends in the making. EGO was shot in the thick of COVID, and we hadn’t been able to be together, so there was some massive energy going into that video. Our favorite part is definitely the dream phase, where anything is possible and there’s no ceiling. You can just let wild ideas fly and see what sticks.

You have a new song called ‘BLUE’ that came out this week! What do you hope fans will take away from the song? 
Troy: This is a very important song to us. Much of what little image is about flows within the song. We hope the song will challenge someone (and ourselves) to take a second and think about the way we have been approaching each other in this culture. In a world that is more polarized and separated than ever, we want to provide a place for people to disagree but still show love. We are so quick to speak instead of listening first and making that person feel heard. Even if we disagree, we believe there is a world where we can still find a beautiful human common ground of connection and understanding.

You’ve gotten to open for some pretty iconic acts. What is your favorite part of touring and what have you learned about yourselves after having a few tours under your belt? 
Jack: Yes it’s been a complete honor getting to be a part of the opportunities we’ve been given. My favorite part of touring changes pretty frequently, most of our time is spent driving in the van or at the venues so there isn’t much time to go explore each city a lot of the time, but one of our favorite things to do as a group is find the best coffee in the city. The biggest thing we’ve learned is when there is a conflict it’s best for us to just talk about it. Get whatever is bothering you off your chest and hug it out, you’re in a van with your best friends every day and there are always going to be those tense moments. 

What can we expect from little image in the coming months? 
Brandon: A lot. New music, new visuals… We are also really excited to hit the road again at the top of the year with Colony House. It’s really a dream come true for us to go out with some of our best friends in the world.

For our last question and since we are sweet like honey, we would love it if you could say one “sweet” thing about one another! 
 Jack: Troy is hands down one of the most passionate and hardworking people I’ve ever met. He does not settle for good, he strives for greatness and it inspires me to no end. Brandon is the most steady and compassionate one of all of us. He’s all ears to our concerns, listens so well, and helps us find the middle ground in all of the chaos that comes with being in a band.  

Troy: As I mentioned above, we are all three best friends. You could strip all the music and band life away and we would still be there for each other, and that is what makes Brandon and Jackson so beautiful to me. 

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Brandon: I mean, what isn’t there to say? We’re closer than brothers. Troy’s the risk taker, he scares us to death but he shows us how to let loose and have fun. I love him for it. Jack’s the reliable one.. Always there to keep us on course (and on time). One of our weaknesses is always someone’s strength. It’s perfect. 

Don’t forget to stream ‘BLUE” here!

Okay, how sweet was that? We absolutely loved getting to chat with and learn more about little image. They are a band that is on our radar and we hope this interview gave you some insight into the band, while also celebrating their new release, ‘BLUE!’

We want to hear from YOU! Let us know your thoughts on their new track and what you thought of this interview in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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