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3 Of Our Favorite Rising Artists Who Write Their Own Songs

3 Of Our Favorite Rising Artists Who Write Their Own Songs

There’s a reason why artists like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and Phoebe Bridgers have reached their current status in the music industry – and much of it has to do with the fact that they write their own songs. An artist singing their own lyrics carries a quality of authenticity to their work. Fans are quite literally hearing the story straight from the writer’s mouth.

Singer/songwriters are always a breath of fresh air in the constantly evolving music industry. Fortunately, quite a few of them are popping up across several genres right now. If you’re looking for someone new to stan, check out these fresh finds we can’t stop thinking about.

little image

This Texas-based alt-pop trio almost entirely self-wrote their upcoming record SELF-TITLED. The band echoes the techniques of Imagine Dragons and 5 Seconds Of Summer, even collaborating with the latter’s producer. In SELF-TITLED, little image utilize alternative, acoustic, psychedelic, and mainstream pop influences to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The album’s sequence of songs is deliberate, as its theme transitions from self-doubt to self-reflection to self-love. 

little image consists of Jackson Simmons (vocals/guitar), Brandon Walters (bass/synth), and Troy Bruner (drums). United by their common love for indie rock, the band flourished and developed their signature style during the COVID-19 quarantine. Their talent for telling universal stories through a personal lens sets them apart. Be sure to keep an eye on their name! 

Image Source: Tyler Krippaehne

If you’re most drawn to indie acoustic ballads, we think you’re going to love ‘MAKEUP,’ a soft and slow number about embracing the natural you. For the more angsty vibes, the upbeat and gritty ‘BLUE’ captures frustration about the USA’s current political climate. Their most recent music video, accompanying ‘OUT OF MY MIND,’ is packed with symbolic imagery to match the song’s layered lyrics.

We’d highly recommend listening to SELF-TITLED in order first when the album drops this coming May. The expertly calculated and organized storytelling, especially the more vulnerable lyrics against hard-hitting production, will floor you. little image will soon support Colony House on their upcoming tour – so don’t miss your chance to see this impeccable trio live in their early days. 


Georgia Webster 

This 20-year-old prodigy is quickly making a name for herself in the country music scene. The rising star has earned a well-deserved spot in CMT’s current Next Women Of Country class, as well as the honor of Pandora’s 2023 Country Artist to Watch. 

She’s supporting her idol Kelsea Ballerini, also one of our current faves, on upcoming USA and UK dates of the sold-out HEARTFIRST tour.

Once you listen to Georgia’s recent EP, Chapter 1: Things We’re Not Saying, it’s easy to hear Kelsea’s influence. Georgia packs her music with themes of love, heartbreak, and growing up. One track that stood out to us includes ‘X’s.’ Relatable if you’re still under 21, the song tells the tale of a night out gone south when she can’t stop thinking about her ex, and the bartenders won’t accept her fake ID. We love the song’s catchy melody against irresistible country-pop production, as well as the impressive wordplay between “X” and “ex.” 

Last but not least, Georgia is about as genuine as they come! She highlights her journey as a rising singer/songwriter in a transparent 4-part YouTube series. She gives fans a glimpse into not only her creative process but also her feelings as she crosses over into new territory.  


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Sam Fischer

After years of penning hits for other established artists, such as Ciara, Louis Tomlinson, and Lennon Stella, the Australian-born singer/songwriter is finally tugging at our heartstrings with his own songs. Three years ago, the star’s breakthrough with ‘This City’ and Homework kickstarted a new musical chapter. He now pivots between Hollywood and London, wowing his fans with raw lyricism and heartfelt delivery. His music offers a source of comfort for those who can relate to it. 

Just when we thought we couldn’t love ‘This City’ anymore, a remix featuring Anne Marie dropped. This version of the song adds new layers of depth and emotion.

Fans of Lewis Capaldi are sure to fall fast for Sam. The two artists are friends, with Sam having supported Lewis on his North American tour. Vogue recognizes multiple parallels between their techniques and talent, deeming Sam’s new single “a Lewis Capaldi-flavored sad song about the difficulties of adapting to LA life.” 

Speaking of Sam’s new drop, it’s called “You Don’t Call Me Anymore.” The all-encompassing song about the loss will leave you in shambles. Aided by a somber, slow piano, the lyrics paint a heartbreakingly vivid picture of someone Sam misses. The layered vocals in the chorus add haunting qualities, accentuating his desperation and longing to hear this person’s voice – even if it’s just one more time, for a few seconds.

‘You Don’t Call Me Anymore’ is a song for anyone who’s lost someone they had no idea they were losing. Whether it’s falling out of love, fading out of friendship or grieving the passing of a loved one. It’s the realization that they’re not there anymore and there’s no rhyme or reason to it, nothing happened, they’re just not around. It hurts, it sucks but it’s human and everyone will feel it at some point in their lives, so when they do, at least they’ll have this song to find some comfort in,



Sooo… did we add some new multitalented lyrical geniuses to your stan list? Or introduce you to a song you can’t take off repeat? Did we miss one of your fave rising singers/songwriters? Let us know in the comments section, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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