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‘MARILYN’ And Other Icons We Would Recommend Kelsea Ballerini’s SUBJECT TO CHANGE To

‘MARILYN’ And Other Icons We Would Recommend Kelsea Ballerini’s SUBJECT TO CHANGE To

Kelsea Ballerini

Every once in a while, we come across a project we want to ingest in every way possible! Whether it’s clearing our local record store to snag enough copies of Taylor Swift’s Midnights album to make a clock, or even just raving about an amazing new single to anyone that’ll listen, some music just really strikes a chord and make a big difference in our lives. The latest artist to do so is Kelsea Ballerini, with her new album SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

While we’re often sharing new music with our friends, families, and even our adorable pets, there’s someone missing from our musical suggestion circle: our faves. And with SUBJECT TO CHANGE blowing our minds, we wish we could send them some of our favorite tracks! Would they prefer the slow, reflective tempo of ‘MARILYN,’ or battle it out with Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce for a karaoke microphone when it comes to ‘YOU’RE DRUNK, GO HOME?’ Although we can’t compare notes, we can nudge a track towards them if they ever need to fill a gap in their playlists or would simply like to listen along to one of these! 

For When You’re Becoming Your Own Best Friend…

With its harmonically whistling intro, ‘WALK IN THE PARK’ screams Miley Cyrus as it’s perhaps the softer, younger sibling to ‘Midnight Sky!’ We’re constantly switching up, just like the seasons, inserting coins on life’s carousel.

One doesn’t have to look further than JoJo’s Tiktok to know she’s all about self-love, and she even gave us a cheeky cover of Lizzo’s ‘2 Be Loved,’ so it’s a no-brainer that we’d like to hear her take on the title track ‘SUBJECT TO CHANGE’ next! An easy listen, it’s all about those tiny life changes that don’t amount to much at the moment but eventually lead you to your beautiful life path.

We’re constantly rooting for Megan Thee Stallion here at The Honey POP HQ, and is it any wonder with her humbly fun personality who you’d know is the first person to pull you onto the dance floor? Just promise us, it’ll be during ‘I CAN’T HELP MYSELF,’ double points when the backup singers kick in, sounding like a really cool, brassy blues band from the 1920s.

Perhaps before the guitar-strummed message behind ‘WHAT I HAVE,’ it was hard to find anything as wholesome as Queer Eye’s Fab Five. Yet here we are knowing it’d make the perfect addition to their soundtrack, giving us another emotional makeover! This time, it’s a playlist makeover, because we’re sure the squad would adore this song.

Image Source: @kelseaballerinisource on Tumblr

For When Someone Gives You Butterflies…

Although ‘THE LITTLE THINGS’ is in the same vein as Ariana Grande’s recent loved-up anthem ‘pov,’ we’d mostly want our high ponytail pop girly to give it a listen because it has a total Sweetener vibe. A cute dance track to twirl a gown to, with the same fluffy texture as Kelsea’s in the visualizer!

Would it really be a Kelsea recommendation list to our faves if her mentor wasn’t on the list? Yes, Taylor Swift, we’re talking about you! ‘MUSCLE MEMORY’ on SUBJECT TO CHANGE has the sort of brilliant concept attached that we’d spot on a Swiftie’s playlist, our bodies having their own memory, recognizing every touch as our lover’s despite the time that’s lapsed. 

Maisie Peters knows just how to take us into a coming-of-age film musically, so combine her wisdom with Kelsea’s ‘HEARTFIRST,’ and it’s the sort of tune you’d hope your car’s radio dial flicks to when you’re falling in love for the very first time. It also has that Disney feel as if you’re in a true fairytale.

Sitting as perhaps the most romantic song on the album, ‘UNIVERSE’ has a slow, steady rhythm from the plucks of a guitar, just as any promising love story does, comparing the vast universe to this beautiful thing she calls hers. For that very reason, we’d pass it over to King Presley, Elvis! His discography is brimming with romantic vibes that were often the backdrop to our parents’ own love story! 

For When It Ends Suddenly…

This gorgeous tribute to ‘MARILYN’ is also equally a following to Kelsea’s ‘homecoming queen?,’ where she delicately questions if they’d still love themselves without the crown – or in this case, if Marilyn Monroe’s luxurious rise never happened and she was simply just known as Norma Jeane. Obviously, we would’ve passed it along to her with a tissue box because it’s a tearjerker! 

If we’re SUBJECT TO CHANGE, then that suggests we’re going to experience life’s many complexities, which means breakups galore, and who are we associating with those at the minute despite his jesting personality? Lewis Capaldi, clearly. ‘I GUESS THEY CALL IT FALLIN’ is quite tragic, as it depicts the feeling of believing the shoe always drops, needing to experience the highs to get to the lows eventually. 

The two key ingredients to recommend a banger to this next songbird are that it has to have a good dance track and should be self-empowering, and that’s exactly what ‘WEATHER’ is! Lizzo would love it so much that she’d have a routine within minutes, complete with a glittering leotard, so your tornado ex has already been chased off in time for the chorus to hit! Hot-and-cold is not the energy we’re trying for, no matter what the weatherman predicts. 

With the same rhythmic spill of lyrics – “If I said I had it all together, I’d be lyin’” – this one-man band would know precisely what he’s doing with ‘DOIN’ MY BEST’ if he ever were to cover it! We mean really soon, too, Ed Sheeran. The repetitive country clap in the background has us thinking it’ll be the perfect mashup for ‘Don’t.’ 

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For When You Let Go…

Notice how we didn’t slot ‘LOVE IS A COWBOY’ into our romantic playlist? Well, that’s because this track is giving off Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes, and yes, that was the biggest hint towards Audrey Hepburn. Sometimes it’s not even about the other person, but our wrestling feelings with accepting the love that makes being able to lasso a relationship incredibly hard. 

5 Seconds of Summer, this friendship anthem is for you! ‘IF YOU GO DOWN (I’M GOIN’ DOWN TOO)’ uses satire to comically portray the loyalty between Kelsea and her #SQUAD. The lyrics suggest the crazy heights they’d go to in the name of helping a friend, so it’d be perfect to celebrate 5SOS’ bond.

We’re calling all of our girlies over for the only collaboration on the album, ‘YOU’RE DRUNK, GO HOME!’ It’s a pure country version of Shania Twain’s ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much,’ swiping a real-life left on everyone they reject. Alongside Kelsea, the track has Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce’s vocals which has us looking like the 🤯 emoji! Might as well make it the ultimate country girl party and invite Shania.

Kelsea’s discography is very much like flicking through the diary pages of the girl next door, who grew up with characters like the ‘homecoming queen?’ to compare herself to. So, of course, there are a ton of intricate tracks we’d share with our faves! Is there one that you’re thinking of right now? Tag them and us – we’re @TheHoneyPop – and maybe they’ll add it to their collection as we will.

And if you already love SUBJECT TO CHANGE as much as we do, grab your tickets to the HEARTFIRST Tour here! Keep an eye on our socials, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates on the best new country music.


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