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“It’s Times Like These” That Make Us Feral For Louis Tomlinson: ‘Silver Tongues’

“It’s Times Like These” That Make Us Feral For Louis Tomlinson: ‘Silver Tongues’

Our jaws? On the floor. Our mental stability? We don’t know her. Our tongues? Silver. Today we stopped and for 3 minutes 25 seconds, we just lived. Lived for the words, lived for the vocals, lived for the building heaviness of a nostalgic but new sound, and lived for what is next. Today, we lived for Louis Tomlinson.

We had absolutely no idea what to musically expect from ‘Silver Tongues’ as we know Louis explores a diverse soundscape on Faith In The Future. All we knew was how proud Louis is of this song, which confirmed we were in for something special. But honestly? Special doesn’t even come close to doing this song justice. With its deceptive piano intro that had us saying “Is this a ballad?!” to its absolutely filthy bass and heavy drums (RIP Steve’s arms on tour), ‘Silver Tongues’ has smacked us in the face and we thanked it after. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Lyrically, Louis may not “feel like going home,” but we can’t relate, because we’re already home.

‘Silver Tongues’ is probably the song I’m most proud of on the record.

Louis Tomlinson

‘Silver Tongues’ feels absolutely packed full of nostalgia, both lyrically and sonically. Musically, it is new but so utterly timeless, and so utterly Louis. Whether it’s “Air Max’s” or him being “the king of the 50 metre road” (bold claim considering the last 50 meters ended with a wall and sling), every second of these lyrics feels unequivocally Louis. A thought-provoking mix of both looking forward, while also being so beautifully reflective, ‘Silver Tongues’ fits every hope we had for the lyrical journey of Louis’ new music. And can we talk about those high notes in the second verse? The whole of THP HQ let out a collective “oooh!” and someone may have screamed. We are gagging for a ‘Silver Tongues’ music video, and we’re gasping at the idea of a story-driven visual. Please and thank you.

‘Silver Tongues’ Live, Will Change Lives

As promised, Faith In The Future is gearing up to be an album bathed in live performance sparkle, and we cannot begin to fathom how magical ‘Silver Tongues’ will be when Louis actually delivers it in front of our eyeballs. Like sitting on a rollercoaster, the anticipation climbing through the piano ballad intro, waiting for the drop, before the heavy instrumental pulls us down to earth, and we free fall into this masterpiece of a song.

Imagine us all screaming “But I don’t feel Like Going Home!” back at him, as he does his little finger point, hand on tummy thing. We’re not crying, you’re crying. Surely he’ll perform it on the upcoming Rolling Stone Twitch live stream which will see Louis performing live! Or at the two upcoming One Night Only shows in New York and London. Side note: If you managed to get tickets, don’t speak to us right now, it’s a touchy subject.

Faith In The… Now!

We’ve finally made it to Faith In The Future release week. It’s just days away and honestly, we haven’t done anything productive all week. Every time we try to concentrate, our minds turn to goo, to the sound of the Bigger Than Me bridge. We also keep crying over Walls and its impact on our lives since its release, as we thank it for its service while making room in our hearts for what is to come. A new era is dawning, and we are ready to give it our everything. So that’s how we’re doing, how are you?

Image Source: Album Artwork, BMG via Simon Jones

We just know that whatever we think we’re about to hear, Louis Tomlinson is going to topple our preconceptions and make our world spin. Faith In the Future was made on Louis’ terms, and we know that authenticity will seep from every pore of this album. ‘Bigger Than Me’ gave us a stadium anthem with an explosive chorus, ‘Out Of My System’ caressed our punk hearts, and now ‘Silver Tongues’ has served drum-frenzied Brit-rock nostalgia. So what’s to come? Well… everything!

*Possible FITF Spoilers*: If you want to know absolutely nothing about further FITF tracks, skip to the next section!

We’re so ready for Louis opening his sophomore album with an ode to his Louies. It absolutely speaks volumes about this wonderful man, that a) he would write a song about his relationship with his fans, and b) he would open the record with it! Anyone else getting tour setlist opener vibes? Set to soul-trembling drums, ‘The Greatest’ is going to change our brain chemistry, and we’re sure there’s a special Louis Tomlinson serotonin that science needs to study. And hold tight, because we’re not done yet! Get ready for a full-blown indie party with ‘Written All Over Your Face,’ a sun-fueled road trip with ‘Lucky Again,’ an ode to Donny with ‘Common People,’ and the heart-wrenching emotional connections in ‘Holding On To Heartache’ and ‘Angels Fly.’ Stay hydrated everyone! *sobs*

We’re Here And We’re Ready

Louis Tomlinson deserves every ounce of success, considerate promotion, caring words, and love, and The Honey POP are ready to play our part in that, alongside you, as we begin this new chapter with Louis. Here at The Honey POP, we know that fans really are ‘The Greatest’ powerhouses of this industry. In fact, everything we do here at THP is by fans, for fans. Fans aren’t only here to consume media, we’re here to create it. Throw out the lazy interviews and clickbait titles, because fans are here to give the true care and innovation that artists like Louis Tomlinson deserve. Because fangirl is not a dirty word. We stan the right person, because Louis knows it too. He recently echoed and championed this, and while we didn’t think it was possible to, we appreciated him even more

The level of understanding I see from fans online, about the industry, blows my mind. […] I do think it’s something I’m quite passionate about. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I’d like to do something about this in the future. […] Nobody cares more than a fan, so actually, to include fans on marketing, even on you know, ideas, can never be bad. […] They’re living it, so I do think the stereotype of fangirl couldn’t be further from the truth.

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So this is it! The last article in which The Honey POP joins you in simping over Louis Tomlinson, until FITF release day! We’ll be there with bells on to celebrate Faith In The Future, and our favorite person in the world – Louis Tomlinson. It’s been a pleasure to celebrate Louis throughout the Walls era, and meet so many fellow Louies. We are so ready for the next bit, and we know you are too. So cheers to you, and cheers to Louis Tomlinson – whether that’s with a cup of tea or a mug of vodka.

Stream and purchase ‘Silver Tongues’ on Spotify and Apple Music now!

Is ‘Silver Tongues’ your fave single so far? How are you planning to celebrate Faith In The Future? We wanna know, and we want an invite! Tweet us at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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