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Exclusive Interview: Georgia Webster Went Viral On TikTok, Now She’s Our New Obsession

Exclusive Interview: Georgia Webster Went Viral On TikTok, Now She’s Our New Obsession

Georgia Webster has very quickly been rising up the rankings as one of our favorite artists. Ever since we discovered her existence and the magical way she writes and sings, we’ve been obsessed and can’t stop listening!

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Lucky for us, Georgia has recently signed a deal with Sony Music Nashville, which means more music will soon be in the works for us GW fans! In case you’re new here, let us introduce you to the magical world of Georgia Webster! She grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, and like many on-the-rise artists these days, she became a viral TikTok sensation practically overnight with her song ‘Tell Your Mom,’ which gained more than two million views in just a few days! That’s a well-deserved accomplishment that in turn led to the release of the studio version and her latest hit, ‘Push & Pull.’ What we’re saying is- THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!

Needless to say, we were more than thrilled to be able to talk with Georgia about her TikTok success, musical influences, and what it was like pursuing music in a small town! So, enough of us talking, let’s get into the main event: our exclusive interview with Georgia Webster!

georgia webster
Image Courtesy of Georgia Webster

Your songs are inspired by growing up in Hampden, Massachusetts, can you tell us what it was like growing up in such a small town of only 5,000 people?
Growing up in a town of only 5,000 people and no stoplights was great. I live on a really rural street as well so I didn’t grow up having neighbors, so playing pretend in the woods and having to be creative with finding things to do was a huge part of my childhood.

Gergia Webster
Image Courtesy of Georgia Webster

Do you think that growing up in a town that small made creating your first fans easier? Like everybody knows everybody so you gain more of that hometown support?
I don’t think growing up in a small town made things that much easier for me, even though I would gain “fans” from playing out at different places. The places were so small and random that it wasn’t really consistent. My town is also very sports-oriented which I think plays a big part in that.

You started out by learning guitar to Taylor Swift songs, and that led to you writing your own songs and small, intimate shows at coffee houses. Do you have a favorite performance from those early shows that still stands out to you? What songs did you have on your setlist for those kinds of shows?
I honestly grew up playing and listening to the most random mix of music, so my setlist went from those like David Gray and Keane to Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift. I remember one gig in particular at a brewery during Memorial Day weekend, it’s called Treehouse Brewery, and I played for over 1,000 people there (which was my biggest gig). I played a lot of original songs, and people were singing along and dancing and it was really great.

Your songs are based on your teenage experiences, how would you say those experiences also shaped you as a person?
My songs are all pretty much based on my teenage experiences, and I’ve definitely learned a lot through those experiences. I think emotions are really high during your teen years and oftentimes it feels like the world is ending when you get broken up with, but I’ve learned that life goes on past these years and it’s really just a small sliver of what life is about.

We definitely get major Julia Michaels fused with Taylor Swift-esque vibes from your music and songwriting, would you say either of them has been a huge inspiration in your sound and artistry?
Thank you!!!! I love them both so much!! It’s funny because I didn’t really start LOVING either one of them until early on in high school. Julia Michaels and her honesty, when it comes to her writing, has definitely inspired me to open up and be more vulnerable in my music. 

Georgia Webster
Image Courtesy of Georgia Webster

Who or what else would you include in your biggest musical influences and what is it about them that inspires you and draws you to them?
I would say some other big influences of mine are Chelsea Cutler, Lennon Stella, and Kacey Musgraves to name a few. I love all of their voices as well as their writing style and just think they’re incredible artists.

Who are your top three dream collaborators?
My top 3 dream collaborations would probably be Jeremy Zucker, John Mayer, and Olivia Rodrigo.

We are obsessed with ‘Tell Your Mom’ and ‘Push And Pull,’ your songwriting is absolutely stunning! How did the concept for those songs come about?
Thank you so much. The concept for ‘Tell Your Mom’ came when my ex’s mom called me. I missed her call but it got me thinking about my ex and my relationship with his family as well. I think a lot of times people form really close relationships with not only their significant other but also their family and it can hurt when their family reaches out once you’re over. ‘Push & Pull’ came about when I had just gotten out of a rocky relationship and this guy came along who seemed so perfect, which I wasn’t used to someone being like and I didn’t like him like I thought I would. So I wrote ‘Push & Pull’ about this frustration.

Let’s talk about TikTok! You’ve racked up millions of views on the platform and ‘Tell Your Mom’ instantly went viral, which is an amazing accomplishment, what did you think when the song started blowing up? Was it surreal for you to receive such an unbelievable reaction from the TikTok community?
It was sooooo cool when ‘Tell Your Mom’ blew up. I had posted a few TikTok dance videos with my friends (I’ve since taken them down because I just cannot dance haha) but ‘Tell Your Mom’ was one of my first serious TikToks. The reaction was so surprising and great. It’s been awesome to experiment with originals on there and see what people like.

Georgia Webster
Image Courtesy of Georgia Webster

Your latest single ’Push & Pull’ also received 9.6 million views on TikTok, as an on-the-rise artist, how does having a platform such as TikTok help get your name on the map?
TikTok got me where I am. I went from playing coffee shops in my town in western MA to being a signed Sony artist. It’s an incredible app and the possibilities on it are really endless for artists.

Outside of music, what kind of hobbies and pastimes do you enjoy? Do you play any other instruments besides guitar?
Outside of music I travel a lot, my dad was a pro kayaker and kiteboards as well, so me, my mom, and sister travel all around the world with him so he can do his hobbies (which is so, so fun, and I feel so lucky).

What five songs are you vibin’ to the most right now? You can include your own songs!
The 5 songs I’m vibing to the most are…

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Feeling like vibing like Georgia? We’ve created a playlist that includes her current top songs plus her own fabulous masterpieces! Check it out!

There you have it, Honey Poppers! The low-down on Georgia Webster, who we can guarantee is going to be one of your new favorite artists! She’s got the makings to be a big, global superstar- we’re calling it now! And we cant wait to support her from here on out!

We want to hear from you! What do you think of Georgia Webster? Which of her two singles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Georgia Webster/ Emily Defoor THP Graphic Design Team

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