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We Never Want To Get ‘Older’ Without 5 Seconds Of Summer

We Never Want To Get ‘Older’ Without 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer have been keeping us fed during the build-up to 5SOS5. And today, they gifted us the heartfelt love ballad ‘Older,’ which might be our favorite gift yet. We’re already dying from the anticipation of 5SOS5 & The Feeling of Falling Upwards, and it’s safe to say this only made it worse.

‘Older’ was not only produced by Michael Clifford himself, but co-writing credits include Luke Hemmings and Sierra Deaton, who also sings on the track. This track feels like what the love described in ‘Best Years’ grows into. And as self-awarded Lierra stans ourselves, finally hearing them together on a track has our hearts in an absolute puddle.

To celebrate, and truthfully bask, in the way this song makes us feel, easier until the release of 5SOS5 on September 23rd. Let us take you on a journey through the other 5SOS ballads that destroy us in the best way every time we hear them.

‘Lover Of Mine’

How could we begin to talk about the ballads of 5 Seconds of Summer without starting with our favorite one, ‘Lover of Mine.’ The way this song pushes and pulls you in like the waves of an ocean, and uses vivid lyrics to paint the euphoria of being in love. Like, “kaleidoscope mind, gets in the way” (…) “I’d never give you away cause, I already made that mistake if, My name never fell off your lips again, I’d know it’d be such a shame.” Pens in the chats for that lyric game because we are in shambles for all the right reasons over this one.

‘San Francisco’

This song is why we know we’ve got it right by stanning 5SOS. This is a track all about longing for the one who got away. The strings in this song alone have it in our The Feeling Of Falling Upwards dream setlist. ‘San Francisco’ is one you can cry to, scream to, have a full car-ride performance to, and always escape within.

‘Ghost of You’

We can’t decide if we love ‘Ghost of You’ for its heartbreaking lyrics or breathtaking melodies more. But we do know it’s a backbone song in every playlist we make because it always hits. There’s beauty in the pain that remains when you’re stuck lingering in the debris of a heartbreak. And 5SOS are just insanely good at singing about that. “There’s your coffee cup, The lipstick stain fades with time” (…) So I drown it out, Like I always do, Dancing through our house, With the ghost of you”

‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’

Okay, you caught us, this is a rock ballad. But if anything, that just makes this song even more of a force to be reckoned with. ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’ is not only a classic 5SOS song but one we will continue to belt at the top of our lungs until we’re old and gray. Also, what’s up with them throwing rocks at windows? Seriously, I think we need to consider an intervention.

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‘Best Years’

Where do we even begin with ‘Best Years’… This song has had us in a chokehold since we first sobbed to it. The way 5 Seconds of Summer paint a love so whole and rewarding you want and welcome all of its ugly and evil is one of our favorite traits of theirs. “Past love burned out like a cigarette, I promise, darling, you won’t regret, the best years.”

What 5SOS ballads do you keep on constant rotation? And which song from 5SOS5 are you most excited to hear either live at The Feeling Of Falling Upwards, or during one of the livestreams? Let us know in the comments below! Or by tweeting us @thehoneypop, or on Instagram, or Facebook!


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