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‘This Kind Of Thing Doesn’t Last’ But We Hope Sydney Rose Lasts Forever

‘This Kind Of Thing Doesn’t Last’ But We Hope Sydney Rose Lasts Forever

New singer songwriter Sydney Rose releases her new EP This Kind Of Thing Doesn't Last, similar to Gracie Abrams and Lizzy Mcalpine

In an age of listeners craving emotional integrity, Sydney Rose is spearheading this alongside others such as Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams, destined to create waves with her brutally honest and emotionally raw music. We cannot emphasize enough how much Sydney’s music needs to be on your playlists. For your own well-being.

Sydney’s newest EP, This Kind Of Thing Doesn’t Last, is all things devastating and yet cathartically relatable. She walks us through her experiences with anxiety and the fear of everyday things becoming nostalgic as we grow up. There is truly nothing like this EP and no one like Sydney.

New singer songwriter Sydney Rose releases her new EP This Kind Of Thing Doesn't Last, similar to Gracie Abrams and Lizzy Mcalpine
Image Source: Elektra Records

‘Too Fast’

With a self directed music video (a girl of many talents), Sydney walks us through the feeling of believing the best years may be behind her, the feeling of being nostalgic for things that have only just happened. We’re told being a teenager is the best years of our lives, so what does that leave for the future?

“I’ve always been a stranger to change, now he’s got me tied up in chains.”

Sydney Rose, ‘Too Fast’

‘Bedroom Floor’

Track 2 was released in August 2022, carrying on the feelings from the first track. Sydney sings her way through experiencing a friend moving away to college while she stays home experiencing the melancholy feelings of having to let go. Accompanied by a music video which consists of videos of Sydney and her friends, we’re pulled into these relationships and through them we experience the joy of having true, pure friendships and the loneliness that Sydney is experiencing.

“Will it be the same anymore? … And I know it’s not about me, but I don’t know how I’ll get through.”

Sydney Rose, ‘Bedroom Floor’

‘If I Were A Dog’

Sydney’s airy and angelic voice sings through her vulnerable thoughts and feelings, yearning for a life without anxiety. The talent to write this entire EP by herself is unimaginable. The slight shaking and fragility of her voice throughout this song is truly heartbreaking, but also knowing someone has these similar thoughts is overwhelmingly comforting…we can hardly see through these tears anymore.

“And if I were a dog, I wouldn’t have to belong, I wouldn’t be alone, I’d always be at home, I’d always be so happy with no baggage to bury.”

Sydney Rose, ‘If I Were A Dog’

‘Less Than Lovers’

Ouch … This track is about the heartbreaking realization that you aren’t on the same page as someone you really care about and having to come to terms with the fact they don’t see you how you see them. This song is truly not for the faint-hearted. It’s going to take a while for us to get over this one.

Sydney describes their handwriting as “the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen” and hopes that she is “the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.” Something so simple and unique to a person is loved so deeply by Sydney and yet she only hopes that they pay enough attention to see her.

“I think I fell for the wrong person, but we fit so well, why is it so uncertain, did I misunderstand? Was it just for the summer? To me we’re more than friends, but to you we’re less than lovers.”

Sydney Rose, ‘Less Than Lovers’


Another track which was released in October 2022 was inspired by the pivotal teen book/movie The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

Throughout the song Sydney references the lyrics, “I’m getting bad again,” from ‘Bedroom Floor.’ She begins to repeat over and over, “I feel like I’m getting bad again,” and we’re witnessing the realization in real time that she’s falling back into those old ways and you can hear her desperation to be okay.

“Maybe I just grew up different, when I felt so small, maybe I’m just indifferent,
the one who no one calls.”

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Sydney Rose, ‘Charlie’

Sydney has a way of turning such personal experiences into something universal. We can tell this has been therapy for Sydney as much as listening has been for us.

So by now we’ve convinced you to curl up in a ball and listen to the EP, right? Because that’s what we’ll be doing for the next 3-5 working days if you need us.

Go ahead and cry your way over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP and let us know which song is your favourite! We’re also on Instagram and Facebook!

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