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Exclusive Interview: nobody likes you pat Dives Into imago

Exclusive Interview: nobody likes you pat Dives Into imago

It’s always a great opportunity for us to be able to talk to artists as they are releasing their debut album, and nobody likes you pat is no different!

nobody likes you pat has been releasing some of our favorite music, as of late, and just today has released his first album, imago. imago has 11 beautiful tracks that we think you, indie-pop lovers, in particular, would love. We absolutely couldn’t get enough of Pat’s vocals with this project; he has such a great voice that works so well with the music he’s putting out. Even though we’ve heard some tracks previously, we were still blown away. And to top it off, we got the chance to chat with the all-rounder all about the album!

Image Source: Teren Mabry

Check out our interview with nobody likes you pat down below.

You’ve come a long way and worked your way up, now you have a debut album under your belt, how are you feeling?
I feel ready to write the next one. Haha. But I pretty much always feel that way. No, I’m proud of what I did with this debut. “nobody likes you pat” is barely a 2-year-old project, so the first year, at least, was just re-finding what it sounded like and what it felt like. This album feels like a great entry point into the “nlyp” diary.

So let’s first talk about your single ‘babylon.’ How important is ‘babylon’ to the story of imago as a whole?
I would actually say ‘babylon’ is a bit of an outsider. It’s less introspective and more of a call-out track. Much of the album is focused inward, on pain, on healing, on change. But this song takes the listener outside of the navel-gazing narrative for a bit into some anger and sadness at the loss of a friend due to the modern challenge of internet conspiracies. So, I’d say it functions as spice on the dish as opposed to being the main course.

We also just want to say we absolutely loved the home audiovisual, it’s such a creative way to promote the track.  What was the thought process going into putting together that video?
I’ve always said that the “nobody likes you pat” catalogue is meant to read like a journal or an old home video. I used to watch old VHS recordings that my parents or grandparents took with their camcorders. It was literally a pastime. So, it was sort of an homage to the human-ness and personal nature of the album to utilize those old visuals and watching myself grow up as the videos progressed.

With the release of ‘babylon’ we also got ‘midwest blues’ and ‘tired of going to bed,’ which are also on your upcoming album. They’re all so lovely, we gotta say our favorite track from them is ‘tired of going to bed.’ We love sad tracks. Which of the three do you think matches your mood today?
I’m certainly feeling the ‘midwest blues’ today. It’s getting cold here in St. Paul, MN.

Okay, now let’s dive into imago. We love that every little thing helps wrap the album together, such as the name, and how it helps set up what the tracks are about. When putting together this album, what was the first step in deciding which tracks would make the cut?
I have friends that will write hundreds of songs and then pick the “best” and put them on an album. That’s just not my style. I see an album as a snapshot of a particular time or a particular mental or artistic state. When I (or someone else) listen back to one of my albums, I want it to be apparent that something specific was going on; some process of healing or growth or heartache. So, for this album, I probably only wrote 15 songs or so. 11 of them made the cut. The others either didn’t quite fit the theme or just weren’t good enough. But I try to make sure that any time I’m gonna tackle a topic, I’m gonna give it my best go the first time, so that it can be the only time.

We had the chance to listen to imago, and we loved the indie-pop vibes you give off. We also loved the lyrics throughout it. Our favorite lyrics come from the track ‘love became a wasteland.’ It was so heartbreaking. When writing lyrics about sad personal things, how do you stop from getting too immersed in the words?
I don’t. You have to get lost in the words. Songwriting requires experience and struggle. The best (or at least most meaningful) songs come from something real and life-changing. How do you expect someone to find hope or peace in something that you can’t say you’ve been through yourself?

Our overall favorite composition has to be ‘i don’t know what i’m doing,’ specifically the harmonies in the background it was so, so beautiful. What was your favorite track to put together?
‘shawna’ was one of the first tracks I made for the album. You can feel the experience of that song, not only in the words, but in the production. I remember sitting in my attic, recording a sloppy acoustic guitar, recording one take of the lead vocal, and throwing textures in the background from iPhone recordings I had taken while my wife and I were in Hawaii last year; sounds of the beach, the surf, shells, etc. It felt very organic and raw, and I think it inspired how I approach much of the rest of the album.

nobody likes you pat
Image Source: Teren Mabry

Besides the people you work with in the studio, who was the first person you showed the album to, and what was their reaction?
I can’t remember, to be honest. But I remember sending it to a good friend of mine pretty shortly after it was done. At the time, he was a newer friend, and he hadn’t heard much of my music yet. I was really honored when he expressed how much the songs moved him and how much he resonated with the music. It’s great to hear when anyone likes your music, but there’s something very special about praise from a close friend.

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Besides the tracks from imago, we’ve also had your collab with Dept, and Ashley Alisha, ‘Obliviate’ stuck on repeat, all of your voices mix so well together. What artist would your dream collaboration be with?
I’d really like to work with Porter Robinson. I love his production style and the emotion he evokes is just bittersweetly beautiful. Like him, I’ve also been really inspired lately by Japanese ambient music and the blend of organic and electronic textures (which will probably be even more apparent on whatever the next album I make is).

Once again, we loved the album and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. What can we be expecting in the near future from you?
I have no idea, but whatever it is, you can be confident that I will pour myself fully into it.

Make sure you check out imago if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it. Stream it here!

Image Source: Teren Mabry

What was your favorite track from imago? What are you hoping to hear from nobody likes you pat, next? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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