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5 Of Our Favorite Charlie Puth Breakup Songs

5 Of Our Favorite Charlie Puth Breakup Songs

When you’re dealing with heartache, nothing hits the spot quite like a breakup song that perfectly reflects how you’re feeling. And it just so happens that one of the musical geniuses of our generation, Charlie Puth, has a catalog full of heartbreak gems dealing with a range of emotions! Grab a box of tissues and a fluffy blanket because we’re diving into some of Charlie’s best breakup songs. 

‘Smells Like Me’

If your ex has moved on with someone new and you’re wishing they somehow miss you as much as you miss them, ‘Smells Like Me’ is the track for you! This song sees Charlie hoping his ex keeps thinking about him even when she’s with another guy, pointing out that she even bought the candles he has “to remind [herself]” of him. It’s bittersweet and full of longing, and even if you have more of an angry attitude towards your ex, you can sing along to “I hope your jacket smells like me” out of spite to hope they realize they lost such an amazing person.

‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

There’s no doubt in our minds that ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ was one of the most iconic collabs of the 2010s, with Charlie recruiting Selena Gomez to play his ex who secretly misses him just as much as he misses her. This guitar-driven track sees two people looking back at a relationship that really lit up their life, even though one has already seemingly found someone new. Charlie wonders “why [he] can’t move on just the way [she] did so easily,” while Selena confesses she’s thought about coming back. 

‘Left & Right’ Feat. Jung Kook

Now we’re looking at one of the most iconic collabs of the 2020s so far! If you’re the kind of person who gets reminded of your ex no matter where you look, ‘Left & Right’ will reach you on a spiritual level. Charlie and Jungkook of BTS take turns venting about how their last relationship has affected them, getting flashbacks as their “memories follow [them] left and right.” One of the best ways to get over a breakup is to lean on a friend who can hear you out, especially if you can team up for a duet this good!


You know that mentality post-breakup where you partly blame yourself, even if your ex is the one who messed up because you tolerated too much from them? ‘Dangerously’ captures that feeling so well, touching on a relationship where Charlie “didn’t care if the explosion ruined” him and kept loving someone he secretly knew didn’t deserve it. This track sees Charlie starting to recognize his self-worth and pick up the pieces after getting his heart shattered, all over an intriguing mix of piano notes, strings, and 808s. 


One of the most freeing moments of a breakup is definitely when you start realizing you’re moving on, even after months of feeling like you’d never get over it! But, unfortunately, that’s sometimes when our exes realize what they’ve done and try to reel us back in. Charlie won’t stand for that on ‘Attention,’ calling out his former partner for trying to play him again and tracking down every party he checks out. She doesn’t love him – she loves the attention and affection he gave her, and he’s refusing to stoop to her level. You go, Charlie!

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Which of these tracks is your favorite? Has a Charlie Puth song helped you through a hard time? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Charlie content while we wait for his new album, Charlie, to come out in October, click here.


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