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Charlie Puth’s ‘That’s Not How This Works’ Is In It’s Sabrina Carpenter Era

Charlie Puth’s ‘That’s Not How This Works’ Is In It’s Sabrina Carpenter Era


“Stop reminding me of when we said forever” is a line that packs a powerful and bitter tone. You can probably imagine exactly the scenarios and situations in which you would want to scream that out loud. It’s something that you only say out of anger, sadness, and heartache. When you see who wrote and sings that line, without a doubt, you’ll realize that it’s on brand for them. That line is one of many heartache-filled lyrics brought to us by Charlie Puth featuring Dan + Shay and Sabrina Carpenter in ‘That’s Not How This Works [Sabrina’s Version].’

‘That’s Not How This Works’ is a song about a turbulent relationship that is filled with constant disorder. The original version of Charlie Puth’s ‘That’s Not How This Work’ features Dan + Shay. In Sabrina’s version, she enters in the song’s second verse. She carries a new perspective from the other person involved in the relationship. Sabrina’s vocals, coupled with Dan + Shay, make the perfect pair to have featured on a song with Charlie Puth

‘That’s Not How This Works’ reminds us that relationships have complications. However, relationships shouldn’t continuously have a wishy-washy cycle of inconsistency. We think this song symbolizes the life cycle of bright blue heat from twin flames. At first, there’s a fiery passion, but then it fizzles out, leaving everyone burned. It really does take us down an emotional path.

And Now Featuring Sabrina Carpenter

We at THP, are in love with all three artists on this song. We are also in love with the fact that this song is titled ‘That’s Not How This Works [Sabrina’s Version].’ Sabrina is in her Taylor Swift era here! Sabrina Carpenter is not one to shy away from making deep heartache-filled songs about various types of personal relationships. In her album, emails i can’t sendshe demonstrates her ability to use her voice to act and feel the emotions of the lyrics. With this in mind, Sabrina’s voice on ‘That’s Not How This Works’ adds a smooth emotional addition to the track providing more depth to the tumultuous relationship being depicted. 

While we were listening to the song, we imagined that this was not about a couple that is actively together. Charlie Puth’s songwriting in ‘That’s Not How This Works’ is one of his bests. ‘That’s Not How This Works’ to us, is about the aftermath of when an already unhealthy relationship comes to its inevitable end. The most compelling evidence of this is within the lyrics of the song, which create a deep imagery of the inability to move on because the person keeps showing up. When they do show up, it’s to continue to play mind games.

“You can’t say you hate me. Then call me when you’re hurt….You can’t walk away. Then come back to what we were. Baby, you know that’s not how this works.”  

‘That Not How This Works [Sabrina’s Version]’

“Don’t Say That You’re In Love With Me”

On the other hand, the song also resembles the reliance on the normalcy of talking to the person you once were in a relationship with. The desire for a familiar routine, familiar conversations, and a familiar face. It’s not facing reality nor the emotional toll that comes from ending a relationship, saying things you regret, and trying to be amicable.

As you listen to the song and we so hope that you do (really why wouldn’t you?).

You’ll notice how Dan + Shay’s voice added on the bridge create the climax of the song. It adds volume to the song that symbolizes the need to yell out, “This isn’t how this relationship should be going, ending, and moving along!.” The three together make a bitter, heartache anthem. It’s a great song for those of us who are healing from unhealthy relationships and fantasizing about how it could’ve been.

“When you say you need to drop off all my sweaters. It’s just one of your excuses” 

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‘That Not How This Works [Sabrina’s Version]’

A really cool aspect to point out is the repetition of no’s layered in the song’s chorus and the chorus reprise. The no’s, in our opinion, are the most important component of the structure musically and lyrically in the song. We see the no’s being played out in different ways. The no’s are said, asked, and begged to make the mind games and the toxicity stop. Listening to the other lyrics unfold what has occurred in the relationship with the no’s shows the dynamic of one person trying to leave. While the other is trying to hold on and make them stay. Both are miserable this way, again making this a brilliant heartache anthem. 

This Is How This Works

‘That’s Not How This Works’ is genius storytelling. Everyone say thank you to Charlie! But we have more reasons to say thank you to Charlie Puth beyond this edition of ‘That’s Not How This Works!’ Charlie kicks off his The Charlie Live Experience Tour, highlighting his newest studio album Charlie and other hits, next month in Mexico. Thank you, Charlie, for giving us new music and a new tour to experience some of our favorites live! 

So, we just talked about the incredible new song ‘That’s Not How This Works,’ and it’s our turn to hear from you! Don’t you walk away and try to come back to what we had without first telling us what you loved about ‘That’s Not How This Works [Sabrina’s Version.’] Are you going to one of Charlie’s upcoming tour dates? What songs are you hoping are on his setlist?

To maintain our relationship and not experience bitter heartache, you can share your thoughts below in the comments. Or you can send us a tweet @thehoneypop or make your way over to our Facebook or Instagram page to let us know! 


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