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Life Falling Apart? joan’s Got The superglue

Life Falling Apart? joan’s Got The superglue


You know, one thing we love here at THP is music that makes us smile. And with our first listen to joan’s debut album, we couldn’t wipe the massive smirk off our faces. Making music that makes you feel good, it’s plain and ‘simple’ that this duo is headed for another galaxy as their sound, lyricism, and “everything in between” continue to leave us in awe. We feel like we’ve been waiting for this moment for years, and now that it’s upon us, we are not okay. It’s no surprise that superglue is truly magical, joan really gave their all to this project.

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And if you’re just now getting on the joan train, it gives a perfectly packaged gift of all the band has to offer. We’re dancing, we’re crying, we’re vibing, and we’re emotionally unstable. From dance tracks to flawless interludes and tear-jerkers, joan’s debut studio album has it all.

We have to say, whenever one of our favs releases a new project, we get a little “na na nervous” – we know you don’t have to love everything they release, but we always want to, ya know? Well, thankfully, with joan’s superglue, we don’t think we’ve ever heard an album that flows so endlessly, we hadn’t even realized we made it to the ending. Luckily the repeat button is now a thing. Actually, you can go ahead and press here to stream and set it on repeat right now. It’s okay. You can thank us later.

First, let’s talk album singles. Giving us a well-rounded view of the album tracks, joan was big-brained in releasing ‘don’t wanna be your friend,’ ‘nervous,’ ‘loner’ and ‘flowers!’ Thanks to the previews through the singles, we just knew this album would be full of bangers. And with their newest single, ‘superglue,’ the title track of the album, it brings the album’s message full circle.


“Why can’t it be so simple?” We catch ourselves asking this question a lot, yearning for those simpler times.

One thing joan is going to do is give us a sad bop. And this one has us reminiscing about better times, times when everything seemed effortless and uncomplicated. And as people who are always ready to cry at nostalgia, you know this one just hit different.

‘feeling like dancing’

“Don’t you wanna dance?” You don’t have to ask us twice!

One song you will catch us screaming from the rooftops is ‘feeling like dancing’ because the song makes us do just that! This track emits the high-energy jam session vibe that joan’s faster tracks usually radiate, and we are a sucker for those! We might’ve had to listen to this one at least five times before moving onto the album’s next tracks.

In a time where it feels like everything is falling apart, joan really came in clutch with the superglue to help us try and stick our lives back together! And you can bet we will be listening to this until we get to hear it live!

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Yes, you heard us right. Thankfully, joan already has a tour planned, meaning we get to hear this new album so soon! If you don’t already have your tickets, you are missing out. Check out the tour dates right here!

What’s your favorite song from superglue so far? Did you already grab your joan tickets? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach us on Instagram and Facebook!

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