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joan Lyrics That Make Us Feel Less Of A ‘loner’

joan Lyrics That Make Us Feel Less Of A ‘loner’


Relatable music is what we live for, because who doesn’t need lyrics to scream at two in the morning? And we love when a band has something for every mood possible! If you have yet to land on a band that emits that energy, joan should be next up on your playlist.

From crushing to heartbreak, and everything in between, we bet there’s a joan lyric for it! Being more in tune with our feelings has made us feel less of a ‘loner,’ and here are five times joan has perfectly said exactly what we’re feeling.



“pulled out my earphones to drown out my insecurities”

Who knew being a ‘loner’ would feel this good? joan has redefined the word for us and turned it into something dreamy. The main-character-moment energy this track has is infectious and mixed with joan’s lyricism, it’s literally the definition of chef’s kiss

Looking at joan’s past discography, you just know any new track will have their signature light and chill vibes, and they didn’t hold back with ‘loner!’ As the fourth single from their debut album, superglue, the duo has taken us for a ride through what sounds like a masterpiece.

‘don’t say you love me’

“don’t say you love me if you don’t love me”

We don’t know about you, but when someone says something they don’t mean, it really grinds our gears. And with the lyrics of this track from their bye EP, it sounds like something joan doesn’t want to hear either! The literal embodiment of saying what you mean, ‘don’t say you love me,’ is the perfect song to send over as a video response to someone who just won’t get the message. 

‘something special’

“you’re my source of light, yeah, I was so deprived, yeah, Now I’m feeling alright, and we got something special”

As people who constantly call our favs our sunshine for making us feel happy and alive, joan’s ‘something special’ resonated with our everyday thoughts. It’s like they plucked the lyrics straight from our music-filled heads! Telling someone that you’re my source of light that I’ve been deprived of for so long just hits differently.

‘drive all night’

“I’ve got to get out of this city, so come with me tonight”

What’s better than escaping the city to a quiet spot where you can see the stars? Doing so with someone you love! Grabbing the keys, getting away with a partner, friend, or family member, and just leaving the hustle of life can do the head and heart some good.

‘waiting on nothing’

“sunlight hits my face, and I know, I’ll be alright someday, I know”

Nothing feels better than stepping out of the darkness into the shining sunlight on a nice day, the rays hitting your face as you feel the heat creep on your skin. Like the first spring day after a long winter, when the weather is perfect, all the critters are out, and you cannot help but feel a smile on your face. It reminds us that we will be okay if we just look on the bright side from time to time.

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“twist the chain on my necklace, try not to throw up my breakfast”

joan paint perfect pictures through their lyrics and make us feel like we’re exactly in the moment they’re describing. Most would try to mask the deets and make it sound pretty, like “butterflies in my stomach,” but joan gave us the true feeling with this one. In fact, it’s our new tagline.

If you think you feel these joan lyrics deep in your soul, just wait until you listen to the rest of their discography! BRB as we get a joan lyric tattoo sleeve because we love them all. It’s nice to know we have musicians that relate to every mood in the book.

What are your favorite joan lyrics? Have any of these really resonated with you? Did your favorite track make the list? Come and join the conversation and let us know your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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