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viisi’s ‘god d*mn!’ Is The Ode To Ending Sticky Situationships

viisi’s ‘god d*mn!’ Is The Ode To Ending Sticky Situationships


If you ever need a greeting card for, “I don’t have any real interest in you” to pass along for someone to take the hint, we have a song for you. viisi (pronounced vee-see) has released a new rap song that captures the push and pull that comes from an unsteady relationship. Or should we say, an unsteady and inconsistent situationship? The type of situationships we see people talk about on social media that make us grit our teeth, as it’s quite visible it’s volatile. viissi’s new song, ‘god d*mn!,’ leaves nothing out and puts confrontation with a bite into the spotlight. 

viiisi made this a fun and mischievous song that gets to the point. The instrumental starts with a nice acoustic staccato. Then moves sharply into a snarky beat that drives the message into the listener. We kept listening to it over and over again. It’s an addicting beat.

Chef’s kiss to the production team and viisi for this masterpiece. The riffs, the lyrics, and the meaning are woven in such a great way that you can’t resist hitting repeat. Each time you listen to the song each section comes alive in a new way. We like to think that because of how quickly dating culture changes, the lyrics will always remain as poignant. In this case, it’s going to be applicable in all circumstances. 

viisi Is Explicitly Putting Up “The Do Not Disturb Side” On This Situationship

god d*mn!’ left an initial impression with us when we listened to it for the first time. That ended up sticking with us for each listen. We thought that this was a song that felt slightly manipulative and gave a teetering push and pull between the two parties involved. It was an interesting perception. Both of the parties involved in this couple want something, but also want nothing real. However, neither are truly communicating but they are talking. 

To us, viisi is telling of trying to move on from toxicity in a situationship. There’s so much indecision in the song on figuring out he is trying to deal with what is going on. Through the verses and chorus, you feel like you are the witness to the two sides “nagging” at each other for something. They want some type of attention from each other but only when it is to their own benefit; we all know that’s never a good sign. 

When the chorus takes over the vocals ring with the line:

“All I hear is I don’t know
you never leave my a** alone.” 

That certainly speaks to the cycle of up and down they seem to be going on. ‘god d*mn!’ slowly progresses in an attitude that feels annoyed and tired. It’s a feeling that many of us, whether in a situationship or a dying relationship, know well. We are over feeling irritated and we need our space. A long period of space. This annoyance paired with the chorus is a big flashing sign saying “LEAVE ME BE.”

viisi Makes It Clear On Being Over The Current Dating “Games”

viisi does a great job creating vibrant energy with lyrics that many of us one way or another can agree with or relate to. It’s the common uh-oh of figuring out dating and getting stuck in with someone that you are taking the bare minimum from. We are sure that at some point there is the desire to want it to be more but when you have lyrics such as: “She be rolling with the feds / the way you always bring the blues,” 

You begin to realize it’s never going to amount to anything. To emphasize, no one is speaking their true desires. No one is calling it quits. But after another text, another emotionless kiss, another “I don’t know what our label is”, and another night feeling like it’s easier to leave them on read than to confront them. It’ll leave anyone saying “god d*mn!” alongside viisi. 

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viisi Is The New Cool Rapper Guy You Need In Your Life

We hope that you love this new rap song as much as we do. It’s a song that took us by surprise with its flavorful sound! It’s hard to stop listening to it and its lyrics. We can’t lie, the lyrics made us smirk because we have been on the same side as viisi. It was pleasant to hear someone put down thoughts and emotions we’ve had before into one fantastic new release.

This is a song and artist that you don’t want to miss out on. viisi, a.k.a Matthew Borley, puts a lot of his personal experiences into his music. You can tell that with ‘god d*mn!.’ Which makes him a more compelling artist based on authenticity and vulnerability to make music that captivates audiences. viisi has made a new fan out of us at the THP. We know he will make a new fan out of you. 

Don’t miss out on more viisi who is living up to his stage name which means past, present, and future in Finnish! Start by checking out his EPs in additional to this new release. Take a listen to Episode 1: Autophobia and Episode II: Red Windows after you’ve listened to ‘god d*mn!.’ As always, when we share a new favorite artist we want to know what you think! Let us know which lyrics from ‘god d*mn!’ stood out to you. If you’d play this song to your situationship. Or what playlist you’d place this song into.

We’re nosy and can’t wait to get your answers! Let us know below in the comments or let us know on our socials. You’ll find us on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, and Twitter @thehoneypop!


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