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viisi’s ‘god d*mn!’ Is The Ode To Ending Sticky Situationships

Why leave them on read to ignore them when you can send this song instead? It’ll send the same message!

Let’s ‘Mosh’ With 1300 On Tour!

1300: 1 band, 3 words. Real. Genuine. Authentic.

Just Like A Prayer Mustafa’s New Single Has A Powerful Message

What would we be if we did not question our existence and what we believe in?


Jack Harlow Is A ‘First Class’ Man At #1 On The Billboard Chart With JACKMAN

We are in LOVE with this charismatic Jack of all trades, who has made his #1 Billboard Top Rap Album debut!

‘Fall In Love Again’ With P1Harmony In Their Latest Collaboration

It’s impossible not to ‘Fall In Love Again’ with P1Harmony.

Here’s How Stray Kids’ Changbin Excels At Everything

Let’s celebrate Changbin for the all-rounder that he is!


Jack Harlow Is A Hometown Hero, An Ingenious Rapper On JACKMAN, And A Philanthropist

‘They Don’t Love It’, but we certainly do with our boo, Jack Harlow!

Music Rewind 2021: Lil Nas X Becomes A Hip-Hop Icon With Some Help From Meme Culture

Whenever the ‘SUN GOES DOWN’ or we’re ‘LOST IN THE CITADEL,’ we’re blasting his music!

This Hilarious TikTok Account Is Turning Drake Into A K-Pop Idol

‘What’s Next?’ Hopefully a real collab!