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‘Fall In Love Again’ With P1Harmony In Their Latest Collaboration

‘Fall In Love Again’ With P1Harmony In Their Latest Collaboration

Are you looking to ‘Fall In Love Again?’ Well, P1Harmony know a thing or two about that with their latest track ‘Fall In Love Again.’ In our humble opinion, it’s the ultimate feel-good anthem, the song to clear the grey skies and give us some of that much-needed serotonin these winter days. This song marks the band’s first release since their previous album, Harmony: All In. And trust us, it’s an irresistible delight that has you singing every single word after just one listen. So, let’s delve into the track and the reasons why it’ll make you ‘Fall In Love Again’ with the dark horses of the industry, P1Harmony.

Icons Collaborating with Icons

‘Fall In Love Again’ is a Korean-pop fusion of unique sounds, fresh raps, and infectious harmonies (it wouldn’t be a P1Harmony song without those signature harmonies.) It also features raps written by members Jongseob and Intak, set against the backdrop beat produced by multi-Grammy award-winning Tricky Stewart and Believve known for their work with icons like Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean.

Each member of P1Harmony truly understands their strengths and plays to them brilliantly in ‘Fall In Love Again.’ It’s destined to become a fan favorite. The song’s narrative revolves around the guys singing about the fact that not everyone treats you the same, and there are people out there who deserve your love more than others; all they need is that one chance. Plus, it’s accompanied by a fun music video where the P1Harmony love manipulation team works with a client to help find them love.

P1Harmony’s Added Signature Style

We’ve witnessed P1Harmony’s incredible songwriting skills across their entire discography, and this track is no exception. It introduces a fresh sound, sonically landing between ‘Love Me For Me’ and their previous collaboration with Pink Sweats, ‘Gotta Get Back.’

The new track holds everything fans adore: Keeho’s insane runs, lyrics that are a joy to sing along to, captivating harmonies, personal raps, and a bridge that defies expectations. But what’s new is the way they elevate their strengths to a whole new level. Just take Keeho’s verse after the second chorus; his Ariana Grande-esque register is something fans have not heard before. And the lighter, more playful raps provide a sweet contrast to their usual intense delivery. Ultimately, P1Harmony add their own refreshing twist to an incredible pop track that will soon make them a household name.

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment

“Love is a very hard thing… I feel like a lot of people can’t open up and let their barriers down for people or things when they need to! This song reassures the idea that falling in love is okay, and not something to be afraid of.”


If You Fell In Love With This New Track, Then You’ll Love This

New P1Harmony music is always a treat, but it always leaves us wanting more. Our ears may be content, but our hearts long to see them live. Thankfully, they’re making these dreams come true as they continue their tour across the globe. Currently, the band are making their mark in Europe, and later Japan, with their PLUSTYLE H: P1ONEER tour.

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The guys are also preparing for two upcoming iHeart Radio appearances at the iconic Jingle Ball concerts in late November and early December in Texas and California. It’s an opportunity for fans to see the guys in action, and we’re keeping all fingers crossed that ‘Fall In Love Again’ makes it onto the setlist.

Did you ‘Fall In Love Again’ with P1Harmony after hearing the new track? What is your favorite part of the song? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also chat all things P1H with us over on Facebook and Instagram.

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