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5 Zoe Wees Songs That Are Our Therapy

5 Zoe Wees Songs That Are Our Therapy

Zoe Wees is giving us free therapy with each of her 20 tracks on her newly released, Therapy. She looks absolutely stunning on the album cover ⭐ and we’re so excited she’s entering the music world with this debut album. Like many of you, music is our therapy. For Zoe, she couldn’t agree more.

“My music is my therapy, a way to overcome my innermost fears and insecurities. Therapy is more than just an album for me; it accompanies my journey to discover and learn to love myself.”

Zoe said in a press release

We have a running list of our favorite albums featuring your faves, and we’re so excited to announce that Zoe Wees is joining the list 😍. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing this angel’s voice, check out our top five fave Zoe Wees songs!

‘Less Of A Woman’

Zoe makes us feel powerful and confident with one of our favorite songs from her new album, Therapy. If this song can’t empower you to leave a bad relationship, we don’t know what will. “Breaking free of the chains of a man’s world,” Zoe sings 👏 Never apologize for who you are, who you love, and what you want. If they want less, they can have less! Period!

Image Credit: Lillie Eiger

‘That’s How It Goes’ (Feat. 6LACK)

Here at The Honey POP!, we love 6LACK, and combined with the heavenly vocals of Zoe, this song is an absolute banger! 🔥 Zoe reminds us that “you’ve got to fight on your own” and to never take no for an answer. At the end of the day, that’s how life goes, and there’s no turning back. So take control and chase your dreams!


Our next favorite song is all about ‘Control.’ A slower ballad, sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we tend to lose our own control. Oftentimes, we need others to help us gain control again 🤝. “I need you to know I’d never be this strong without you,” Zoe sings. It’s okay to ask for help, as Zoe reminds us.


Zoe’s songs are like ‘Lightning’ to our ears ⚡! As you can see, there is a running theme of empowerment in Zoe’s songs. We stan! When our enemy pushes us down, we have to rise back up and “strike like lightning.” Never forget to “dance from the ashes,” believe in yourself, and never let others’ insecurities take over your own.

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’21 Candles’

The last song we want to highlight goes out to the one that got away. That could be an ex-best friend, ex-partner, or an absent parent, we’ve all had that one person we miss more than the others. On each birthday, Zoe blows out 21 candles 🎂 wishing for that person to come back, but realizes it’s always “wasting my breath.” This is the perfect sad song to cry to in your bed – hey, there’s no shame! (We cry to music all the time).

Which Zoe Wees song are you currently obsessed with? Let us know in the comments below, by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop 🐝 or liking us on Instagram.


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