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Check Out THP’s New Fave K-Band Catch The Young And Discover Fragments of Youth

Check Out THP’s New Fave K-Band Catch The Young And Discover Fragments of Youth

We couldn’t be more happy about this! In our playlist, we have a new favorite K-band named Catch The Young whose debut is just bee-utiful! This 5-member band released Fragments of Youth, one of the best debut albums we have witnessed, and that’s why we wanted to share it with you. Are you ready?


캐치더영 Catch The Young : YOUTH!!! MV 캐치더영(Catch The Young) 1st Mini Album [Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth] ➱ 2023.11.01. 12:00 PM (KST) #캐치더영 #CatchTheYoung #Fragments_of_Youth YOUTH!!! #EVERMOREENTERTAINMENT #에버모어엔터테인먼트

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Catch The Young 캐치더영 – Catch The Young 캐치더영

Under Evermore Entertainment, Catch The Young is ready to find their own way and to accompany their fandom, and in general the listeners, through their passage in life. Let us introduce the members first, please take a deep breath, because they will steal your oxygen!

Kim Namhyun

The first member to be revealed is the main vocalist of Catch The Young. He likes to play piano and is also learning to play some more instruments like the guitar.

Kang Sani

The second member to be revealed is the bassist and the sub-vocalist of Catch The Young. Besides so many talents as playing piano, contrabass, and guitar, Sani is also the tallest member of the group.


The third member to be revealed is the keyboardist and vocalist of Catch The Young. While we have little info on him, we know that his rhythm is remarkable in every song, and he has a charming smile.


폴킴 – 초록빛 | PIANO JUNYONG CATCHTHEYOUNG 캐치더영 준용 JUNYONG EVERMOREENTERTAINMENT 에버모어엔터테인먼트 폴킴 초록빛 피아노 커버 연주 음악 piano cover music band fyp fy

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Catch The young 캐치더영 – Catch The Young 캐치더영

Ahn Kihoon

The fourth member to be revealed is the guitarist of Catch The Young. As the oldest member, Kihoon shows a mature and strong image to his fans and members.


The last member to be revealed is the indispensable drummer of Catch The Young. Every great band has a characteristic percussive rhythm, and this time it comes courtesy of the charismatic Jungmo.


YOASOBI – Idol | DRUM JUNG MO CATCHTHEYOUNG 캐치더영 정모 JUNGMO EVERMOREENTERTAINMENT 에버모어엔터테인먼트 YOASOBI Idol 드럼 커버 연주 drum cover band fyp fy

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Catch The young 캐치더영 – Catch The Young 캐치더영

Aren’t They Lovely?

Knowing the guys is as important as knowing their music of course. So let’s now introduce you to the album that makes its entry into our playlist Take a look at Fragments of Youth and its content!

With seven incredible songs Catch The Young gets us vibing to their electric beats and ideal lyrics. As the album progresses, we feel the sweet breeze of youth, love, doubts, questions, and above all hunger for the world.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what Catch The Young’s title single sounds like. With ‘YOUTH!!!’ the boys make themselves known to the world, and it is certainly ineffable!

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“When it feels like you are the only one left behind,
everything feels so out of space and so undefined
don’t you worry about a thing, relax and hit the snooze”

That alone is the powerful first verse of the song, and from those first 30 seconds, you know that Catch The Young has a powerful message in their lyrics and music. It doesn’t get any better than that.

‘The Cactus Boy’

We know we said it couldn’t go any better but, in fact, it can. The way Catch The Young contrasts youthful emotions in an album is truly beautiful! ‘The Cactus Boy’ is a ballad that closes the album, and makes it feel like a completed journey. After it finishes, you will want to play it again and again, trust us, it happens.

And of course, we will highlight the fact that the guys have an amazing video, a great concept, and above all, a great musical mastery. Catch The Young definitely means business on the K-band scene.

Did You Catch Feelings Too?

What do you think? Aren’t they the perfect recipe to be anyone’s new favorite band? At least it has worked with us the bees. So while we are here meeting Catch The Young and listening to their beats, come around @thehoneypop and let us know your thoughts on this debut. Do you have a new bias or favorite song?

Also, don’t hesitate to take a look around our Instagram or Facebook to find more debuts, music, and much more!


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