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Your Guide To New Hope Club: A Fandom FAQ

Your Guide To New Hope Club: A Fandom FAQ

Welcome to the club – it’s never too early to say that! Besides, that’s precisely why you’re here, right? Whether you’re looking for an in-depth introduction to New Hope Club or a refresher, we’ve got you covered. While we have nearly a decades worth of information and content to share, we’ve sorted it into some of the most iconic and must-know moments to spark the journey to stan New Hope Club. Here is everything you need to know about the English boy group. 

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An Introduction To New Hope Club:

When Did New Hope Club First Debut?

The Boys of New Hope Club, often shortened to NHC, officially formed as a group in October 2015. The guys were first introduced to the scene through YouTube, where they released acoustic covers of popular pop songs. Their first video on Youtube was a cover of the song ‘Wake Up’ by The Vamps. And in December 2015, the band signed onto The Vamps record label and became their support act across the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 where they quickly grew in popularity.

Who Are The Members Of New Hope Club?

NHC is a trio originally from Northern England comprised of members Blake, George, and Reece. Blake Richardson was born on October 2nd, 1999. He leads the group as the center with impressive vocals, guitar, piano, and drum skills. Not to mention his charisma! Born March 9th, 1999, George Smith is known for his smooth vocals and beautiful harmonies. Alongside he also plays the guitar and piano in the band. Last but not least, Reece Bibby was born in August 1998. You’ll find Reece across the vocals, bass, and drums. 

An extremely exciting part of NHC is the fluidity between their positions. Although you’ll often find Blake in the middle with George positioned on the left and Reece to his right, this will often change during live shows. And, amongst their vast discography, you’ll see different members taking the lead on other songs. Simply put, they are not tied to a single position, making it all the more impressive. For instance, in a recent London gig, Blake moved to the drums while Reeece took the center of the stage with his impressive vocals during their song ‘Don’t Go Wasting Time.’

How Was New Hope Club Formed?

Initially, George was the first member; he posted covers on YouTube and played gigs in his local pubs. Following, Blake teamed up with George, and they often met up on the weekends to write songs. Reece was formerly in the band Stereo Kicks on the 11th season of X-Factor in the UK in 2014. Shortly after Stereo Kicks disbanded in 2015, he joined New Hope Club. The boys explained that during the weekends, they would meet at George’s house to write songs, film, and bond. They’ve explained how it was important for them to build a friendship before committing to music. In September of that year, they created their YouTube account ‘NewHopeClub’ and, one month later, began posting covers. The rest is history!

What is The Meaning Behind ‘New Hope Club’?

The boys revealed the meaning behind their name, ‘New Hope Club,’ came from the idea of creating a club that fans could be part of. And the term ‘New Hope’ refers to their positivity and how they want to be portrayed in the industry. Although a name is extremely important as it identifies you as an artist, the boys noted their name was not a key priority. Instead, they wanted their main focus to be their music, as this would be how people came to know them.

Where is New Hope Club From?

NHC are from England, the same country that gave us icons from The Beatles (more on the relevance between the Beatles and NHC later) and One Direction. Reece is originally from Warrington in England, Blake is from Liverpool, and George is from Birmingham. A fun fact you may not know about where they are from is that Blake is of Greek Cypriot heritage.

What Are Some Of New Hope Club’s Notable Achievements?

Having been in the industry for nearly a decade, it’s no surprise the guys have some pretty outstanding achievements under their belts. For example, their worldwide presence in the charts is not unnoticed. Their self-titled album, released in 2020, hit number 2 on the UK Independent Albums Charts. They’ve also hit incredible success with their song ‘Know Me Too Well,’ which debuted at number 37 on the Official Singles Chart, where it spent a total of 10 weeks, peaking at number 28. This song, in particular, soared internationally and contributed to their global recognition landing them number 4 on the Philippines Top 100 chart and number 2 on the Indonesian Music Charts. Their debut album, in particular, caught the attention of some of the biggest stars globally, including V of BTS, who often speaks extremely highly of them! 

Who Has New Hope Club Collaborated With?

One thing about NHC is they’re not shy of collaborations on their songs and iconic features in music videos or on their YouTube channel.

Beginning with their music, NHC collaborated with The Vamps in 2017 with the single ‘Stay.’ They’ve also teamed up with Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola in ‘Know Me Too Well.’ Following, in 2020, they collaborated with producer and DJ R3HAB on ‘Let Me Down Slow.’ Most recently, their musical collaboration took them to Seoul, where they worked with KPOP stars P1Harmony on ‘Super Chic.’

Within their music videos, you can often find American actress Bailee Madison staring on the screen and, as the director. You’ll also find the cast of Disney Channels Wizards of Waverly Place in their song ‘Worse’ and sisters Lisa and Lena in their music video for ‘Tiger Feet,’ which featured as a soundtrack to the movie ‘Early Man.’

On YouTube, their plethora of collaborations is difficult, to sum up in a single paragraph. Some interesting collaborations across the years include James Smith, Mark Ferris, Saffron Barker, Max and Harvey, The VampsSabrina Carpenter, and Doug Amstrong. 

Artist Lore


These short videos are featured across NHC’s YouTube Channel as vlogs. They cover everything you can imagine, from the unhinged behind-the-scenes moments to touring alongside Sabrina Carpenter and even joining Blake for a haircut. At The Honey POP!, we love CLUB CAM and always click back to watch old episodes for a good time.


Three years ago, the first episode of NHCTV aired. This was a weekly show broadcasted on YouTube where the guys shared their likes and dislikes and delved into unknown facts about themselves and the world. Although NHCTV is no longer active, every Sunday at 6 pm, a new episode used to air, and they are hilarious! These episodes also frequently featured special guests and exclusive interviews.

Curious George

During NHCTV, each member had their own segment. The first of which was ‘Curious George.’ During this part of the show, George would attempt to try something new, from following a makeup tutorial on his fellow members to creating unconventional sandwiches.

Blake Makes

Blake’s segment was full of artistry. As a creative individual, Blake is always keen to show off his talents; we always watch in awe. Using a range of mediums, Blake would attempt to draw and create art along with his bandmates and any guests. The collection would then build and act as wall art for the following episodes. So if you’re wondering where you can get your hands on the crayon portrait of George .. it’s a one-of-a-kind piece.

Reece Reports

During Reece’s segment, the guys have thought-provoking discussions on diverse topics, from social media to boosting confidence. It creates the perfect balance for the episode. It was also highly refreshing to hear their opinions and experience as youths growing up with their fans. Also, Reece would host exclusive interviews with their guests – we think Reece is more than ready for a professional side hustle as an MC.

Christmas Bake-Off

You’ve heard of The Great British Bake-Off, and now, we’re introducing you to the New Hope Club Christmas Bake-Off. Yes, picture the boys in Christmas attire attempting to bake various treats. The catch, the boys receive the recipe to look at for only one minute. After the recipe is taken from them, they work from memory to bake. As you can imagine, things do not always go to plan. It’s a traditional yearly watch for any New Hope Club fan. We won’t spoil anything, but we can guarantee chaos and questionable cooking decisions. 

The Formation

As with any group, New Hope Club has a key formation new fans should take note of. From left to right, the order is as follows: George, Blake, Reece. While this may help you decide what side of the stage to get your tickets, if you want to see Reece’s bass skills up close, we must remind you of their awesome dynamics. NHC are constantly switching things up on stage so fans on both sides get to enjoy all the members. So, you get the best of all worlds during a live show!

Connect With The Artist

Follow the band on their official group and individual social media accounts:

Instagram: @newhopeclub, @newhopegeorge, @newhopeblake, @newhopeclubreece

Twitter: @NewHopeClub, @newhopegeorge, @newhopeblake, @newhopereece

TikTok: @newhopeclub

See Also

YouTube: @NewHopeClub

Facebook: New Hope Club


What Should I Watch?

Acoustic Covers

NHC are the kings of acoustic covers and they’re very important to the fandom. Therefore, we recommend you start by watching them and admiring their raw talent. After all, it’s how their journey started. What’s great about New Hope Club is their ability to cover songs acoustically from KPOP, brit pop, or rock. They do it all across the world, in parks, and hotel rooms – they’ve always got makeshift drums and their incredible voices. If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend an NHC show (if not, it’s now surely on your bucket list), you’ll get to experience their covers live! It’s a fun touch they always include in a show that reminds everyone of their beginnings.

Inside The Fandom

welcometotheclubnhc: A little secret within the fandom is the New Hope Club hidden Instagram account @welcometotheclubnhc. Although it’s a private account, we recommend sending a follow request. Why? Well, there’s a lot you don’t want to miss! Being part of this exclusive social media club, you’ll find early access codes to their shows, behind-the-scenes snapshots of their studio sessions, and snippets of upcoming covers. And, as proud followers of this account, we can confirm the captions written by the boys are hilarious! 

Guacamole: Perhaps one of the earliest inside jokes in the club. You wouldn’t believe how something so seemingly ordinary could become so hilarious. It all started with a video of Blake attempting to read the world ‘Guacamole’ but mispronouncing it as ‘gyukamol.’ Since it has become a constant source of amusement in the fandom. It’s the little things that brighten our days as New Hope Club fans. 

Chocolate Digestives: One thing taken very seriously is the debate about the ultimate tea-dunking biscuit experience. Amongst NHC, the undisputed champion is the chocolate-covered digestive. This opinion has been very strong throughout the years. Whether the boys are explaining the tea culture during interviews or showcasing the magic of the digestive biscuit on their Instagram stories. It takes a proud spot as number one, and we wouldn’t recommend disputing. 

Teenage Cancer Trust: An amazing thing about New Hope Club is their passion for charity and making a difference. They’ve demonstrated this through various activities over the years such as busking across big cities where fan contributions went directly to Teenage Cancer Trust. They have also run competitions alongside previous EP releases where fans could win a chance for the band to come and personally play in their town. All funds raised were donated to Teenage Cancer Trust. They go above and beyond to give back to a charity that is close to their hearts, which is something the entire fandom admires. 

The Beatles: It’s not a New Hope Club guide without mentioning one of their major inspirations; The Beatles. Throughout the years, the boys have always spoken so highly of The Beatles as one of their musical idols. Once you enter the rabbit hole of NHC covers, you’ll find an abundance of The Beatles covers. We’re talking everything from mashups to live show performances and casual jukebox sessions. We’re also so proud to say that Blake will be making his acting debut in the Brian Epstein Beatles biopic! We know how much this would mean to the band and Blake personally, which is why we’re so excited to support him on screen. 

Now you’ve reached the end of this article, it’s official; welcome to the club! We hope you’ve enjoyed our rundown of New Hope Club. Lucky for you, it doesn’t stop there! There’s so much more to this British trio we recommend delving into to get to know them better and immerse into the fandom community. 

If you are already an NHC fan, was there a specific New Hope Club song or cover that drew you in? Or, if this is just the beginning of your journey as an NHC stan, are there any more questions you have about the band? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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