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Memorable Moments From New Hope Club’s Social London Show!

Memorable Moments From New Hope Club’s Social London Show!

As soon as we heard that New Hope Club was going to hold an up close and intimate show in London, we knew we couldn’t miss it. So, we quickly grabbed our devices and entered the great ticketing war, hoping to be one of the fortunate 150 people in attendance. Luckily, we managed to score a ticket and made our way to the gig!

It had been over a year since the band performed in London, and fans were buzzing with anticipation to see them play their latest tracks. From the moment the lights dimmed, and the music began, the atmosphere was electric. Here are five of the most memorable moments from the show!

One Mic Rendition Of ‘Just Don’t Know It Yet’

As the countdown to the release of their latest single, ‘Just Don’t Know It Yet,’ drew closer, fans were treated to a truly intimate experience. Picture Blake, George, and Reece gathered around a single microphone, instruments in hand, to perform the song for a lucky crowd hearing it for the first time.

The atmosphere was beautiful as fans swayed to the melody, eagerly taking in every note and lyric. As the song finished, you could see the appreciation on the guys’ faces and just how much this song means to them. Needless to say, we can hardly contain our excitement for the official release of this incredible song!

Old Classics Like ‘Fixed’

If you haven’t yet discovered the magic of New Hope Club (seriously, where have you been?), you may still be familiar with their hit song, ‘Fixed.’ Originally released back in 2017, it quickly became a fan favorite. So, when the opening chords of ‘Fixed’ rang out in a small, underground venue, it’s safe to say that we all felt a rush of excitement. The boys’ matured vocals added new life to the song and were truly incredible to witness live in 2023.

Live Covers

No New Hope Club show is complete without the boys flexing their impressive cover skills. Having showcased their versatility with their covers on YouTube, there’s always a certain excitement in hearing one performed live. So, when the trio sang ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus, we felt spoiled! The crowd was alive with energy and sang along to every word. If we do say so ourselves, this gig was the ultimate self-care experience.


A universal truth is that everything sounds better live, and that’s exactly how it felt listening to ‘L.U.S.H.’ From the moment this song began, it was clear it was made to be played on the stage. With its more intense rock vibes, the crowd was jumping and singing along at the top of their lungs. As we joined in for the chorus, “Love me, L.U.S.H. on me daily,” it became clear this is our new favorite New Hope Club song. It was truly a great experience to see the boys deliver such a high-energy performance compared to their previous more laid-back acoustic gigs.

Their Banter

During breaks between songs and guitar tuning, the guys took the time to engage in some lively banter with the crowd. After all, it’s what the Brits are great at! They even took a fan’s film camera and snapped a few pics, proving just how down-to-earth they are. One of the most memorable moments was when the guys opened up about how meaningful it was to perform such an intimate gig. They revealed they spent a lot of time at The Social London in the past, even working shifts there. So, being able to perform original music in a venue that held such special meaning for them was heartwarming to listen to.

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And for us fans, it was equally as special to continue to support them and share these intimate gigs and first listens. In between their speeches, the boys were as hilarious as ever, cracking jokes about themselves on stage and reading signs fans created. It was clear they were having just as much fun as we were, and that made the experience all the more memorable.

What are your most memorable moments attending a New Hope Club show? Let us know, and tweet us @thehoneypop!


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